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    Things I enjoy. 

    1) Naruto, My Hero Academia, One Piece.

    2) Kushina and Hinata smut, mostly without Naruto having sex with them since it's overpopulated (I'm a sucker for Kushina and absolutely adore her)

    Please understand that when I write, this is merely a work of fiction. There's nothing to get worked up about over the writings of some person over the internet. If whatever I wrote was canon, then I'd definitely have a problem. It pains me that I am forced to say this to those absolute fuckwits who can't comprehend it, but my works on AFF is and are a seperate entity of the manga and anime of any fic I write.

    Below are ideas I came up with. Anyone is free to take them as challenges, provided I am informed beforehand and credited. Otherwise, enjoy.


    Currently Being Written/in Limbo:


    Involves Kushina, Danzo, Other Canon Male Characters, OC/Male Characters.

    Summary: 'Don't lose your mind... Someone else might just pick it up.' Danzo gets his hands on the Kotoamatsukami earlier than expected and has a young redhead, Uzumaki Kushina - the perfect pawn, in his sights.

    Tags: MC, 3Plus, AFFO, Preg, Anal, DP, CR, MiCD, Oral, Rape, Violence, WIP, Loli, Manipulation, Slut, Whore, Kushina, Cheating,

    Uzumaki Kushina the Violated Heroine 

    Involves: Kushina, Male Characters, Monsters

    Summary: After death, Uzumaki Kushina is thrown into another world, a world far more different from her own and far more vicious. Granted a new life, the redhead must now find a new journey to set out on. But with death, rape, monsters and ridiculous quests around every corner, Kushina learns that being a character in a twisted JRPG is much harder than it seems.

    Tags : 3Plus Abuse AFFO Anal Beast Bi DP Exhib Fet HJ Humil Inc loli MCD Minor1 Minor2 OC Oral Preg Rape SH Shouta Slave Solo Spank Toys Violence Voy Cheating Slut Prostitution Whore

    A Friend in Need (Ver. 2)

    Involves: Hinata, Kiba

    Summary: After accidentally hurting Kiba's manhood in a spar, Hinata takes it upon herself to take care of him. Who knew a handful of healing balm and the injured cock of a horny twelve year old mixed in with a few lies and guilt trips would lead to such a different future?

    Tags: Cheating, Impregnation, Blackmail/Manipulation, Oral, Violence


    Involves: Female Characters, Male Characters

    Summary: If you can't fuck your wife, then they'll just have to find someone else to do it for you!

    Tags: Cheating, Wife-Swap, Cuck, Oral, Group

    Kaa-chan's BFF (Best Fuck Friend)!

    Involves: Kushina, Kakashi, Naruto

    Summary: Everyone has a BFF (Best Friend Forever), but not little Naruto. Curious, he asks his 'Nii-chan', Kakashi, who claims that he and Naruto's mom are BFFs (Best Fuck Friends) as well! While his dad is away, join Naruto as he explores what it truly means to be BFFs with the help of the deplorable Kakashi and his seemingly reluctant mother.

    Tags: Cheating, Blackmail, Exhibitionism, Impregnation

    Jiraiya's 'Deep Tissue Massage and Acupuncture' Services

    Involves: Kushina, Jiraiya, Minato, Naruto

    Summary: Wanting to recuperate and recover from their busy schedules, the Namikaze household decides that a break is in order. A trip to the onsen-cum-spa owned by Minato's old sensei sounded like nothing more than heaven! Well, more so for Kushina than Minato.

    Tags: Cheating, Slight Mindbreak, Impregnation

    Ideas for smuts:


    Cheering up the Grinch!

    Involves: Hinata, Himawari, Sakura, Sasuke

    Summary: It's Christmas. Naruto's away for work, Hinata and Himawari are lonely, Sasuke's upset and Sakura's worried. With this many problems, there's only one real solution! And that's a day of non-stop fucking!

    Tags: Cheating, Cuckold, Group, Impregnation, MFFF, Incest

    Dirty Bathtime

    Involves: Kushina, Naruto, Choji, Kiba, Shikamaru

    Summary: Things don't usually go to plan when bathing a lot of kids, especially when you're the 'Number 1 MILF' in all of Konoha.

    Tags: Shota, Cheat

    A Bitter-Tasting Birthday Bash

    Involves: Hinata, Konohamaru, Sasuke, Naruto

    Summary: Hinata is unsure of what to get her crush for his birthday, so she turns to the people who knows about him more than she does. Unfortunately for the girl, they're much more interested in sticking their dicks in her than helping out. Good thing she's already got experience in that regard.

    Tags: Casual Sex, Group, Free-use

    Dragged Into Degeneracy

    Involves: Minato, Kushina, Uzumaki Clan

    Summary: Kushina takes her husband with her to her old home of Uzushiogakure to meet the rest of her clan. Unfortunately for the man, he was unprepared for the lesson he would learn there; that the Uzumaki clan practised polygamy and incest as much as they did breathing.

    Tags: Incest, Free-use, Group, Orgy


    Involves: Kushina, Obito

    Summary: Obito kidnaps Kushina on the day of her child's birth, stealing her into the dimension in his eye after releasing the Kyuubi onto Konoha. There, where time flows not, ageing is halted and Kushina lives the same as the day she was taken. Kept as his prisoner and sex-slave for years, Kushina is forced to birth as many children as Obito puts into her, fueling a new age of powerful Uchiha's with Rinnegans.

    Tags: Slave, Rape, Impregnation


    Involves: Sasuke, Hinata, Female Characters

    Summary: The future is bleak as the prophesied child who would bring peace upon the world is slain in battle against his long-time friend and rival. Finally alone, Sasuke enacts his plan to shoulder the hatred of the world upon himself. Of course, he has no intention of doing it as the last Uchiha alive.

    Tags: Character Death, Rape, Sleep-fucking, Impregnation

    The Sage of Sex Paths

    Involves: Kushina, Female Characters, Male Characters

    Summary: In a dystopian world where men rule supreme over women, the Sage of long ago returns to grant, his descendant, a young redhead by the name of Uzumaki Kushina, power to bring balance back to society and restore the place of women in the norm.

    Tags: Slave, Rape, Gangbang, Group, Oral, 

    The Sex Salesman

    Involves: Hinata, Male Character

    Summary: Still insecure about herself and uncertain about her sex life, just what does such a housewife need? A sex salesman of course!

    Tags: Cheating, Blackmail, Manipulation

    The Tomato's Bet

    Involves: Kushina, Classmates

    Summary: A lesson Kushina wanted to teach her future children was to never gamble and make bets. She would know, she learned it the hard way.

    Tags: Loli, Shota, Group, Slave

    A Loving Mother's Memories

    Involves: Kushina, Naruto, Male Characters

    Summary: After bumping fists with his mother inside of his seal, Naruto inadvertantly peeks into her mind and finds out dark secrets meant to be hidden from her family.

    Tags: Group, NTR, Cheating

    Uzumaki Naruto: Konoha's #1 Slut!

    (Currently being written as a challenge fic by CuriousWriter @

    Involves: Naruko, Male Characters

    Summary: Uzumaki Naruko found out at a young age that while plenty of people hated her, just as many were willing to pay to fuck her. So, why not make a business out of it? After all, her bills weren't going to pay themselves.

    Tags: Loli, Prostitution, Hate-sex

    To Be In Heat or Dogsitting

    Involves: Hinata, Inuzuka Dogs and a little bit of Kiba.

    Summary: Hinata helps Kiba to look after the male dogs of the Inuzuka Clan, almost all of whom are in heat. After accidentally setting them free, Hinata realises just how big of a mistake she made. 

    Tags: Beast, Rape, Group, Impregnation, Gangbang

    Memories of a Sexual Deviant or Kushina's Fuck-ventures (Memories Edition)

    Involves: Kushina, A lot of different Canon and OC men.

    Summary: Instead of verbally recounting to Naruto about the night of their deaths, a rather lazy Kushina shows him with her memories. Unable to control her powers, she ends up showing him far too much. On that day, an unfortunate Naruto learned the terrible curse of the Uzumaki Clan and was forever scarred by his mother's past. Sexual misadventures and adultery, ahoy!

    Tags: Cheating, Group, Impregnation, Gangbang, NTR (Netorare)

    Full Disclosure or Before Dad

    Involves: Kushina, OC/Male Characters and Kid Naruto.

    Summary: A young Naruto wants to know if his mom had loved anyone else before she met his dad. Unfortunately for him, Kushina gives him the full disclosure of all her past lovers in explicit details. And Uzumaki Kushina has had a lot of past lovers. !HighSchoolAU

    Tags: Group, Gangbang, Interracial, 

    Sex-Ed and Seduction: 101! (With Kushina-Sensei)

    Involves: Kushina, Academy School Teachers, Kid Naruto, Academy Classmates.

    Summary: Sexy substitute teacher and highly sought-after MILF, Uzumaki Kushina, combines two different classes of similar natures together for a class of preteens, much to the chagrin of her son.

    Tags: Cheating, Exhibitionism, Public Sex, NTR (Netorare)

    Pussy Diplomacy

    Involves Kushina, Minato, OC/Male Characters, 

    Summary: An era without war and bloodshed can only start when diplomacy works. And what better way to secure peace than through sex? As the official delegate of Konoha, Uzumaki Kushina swears that she will get your signatures, no matter what!

    Tags: Cheating, Group, Blackmail

    (Currently being written as a challenge fic by C_Wade. Link:

    Horrors of The Third Shinobi War

    Involves: Kushina, Raikage, Killer B, Rin, Mist Shinobi

    Summary: Short one-shots of the atrocities of war performed onto the two unlucky kunoichi, Uzumaki Kushina and Nohara Rin.

    Tags: Rape, Group, Gangbang, Loli, Violence, Character Death, Interracial, Impregnation, NTR (Netorare)

    Fall of Uzushiogakure

    Involves: Kushina, Female Uzumaki Members, Enemy Shinobi

    Summary: Uzushiogakure crumbles to the combined forces of Kumo, Iwa and Kiri and it's women are ripe for the taking.

    Tags: Rape, Group, Gangbang, Orgy, Death, Violence, Loli, NTR (Netorare)

    Information Extraction

    Involves: Kushina, Baki, OC/Male Characters

    Summary: Naturally equipped with chakra chains, a penchant for torture and having lots of sex, Kushina found herself a good job as the Head of Konoha's Torture and Interrogation Unit.

    Tags: Violence, Cheating, Group, Gangbang, 

    How I (Really) Met Your Father

    Involves: Kushina, Kumo Shinobi, Minato, Naruto

    Summary: What Kushina told Naruto about how she met Minato was a simple, watered-down version of what really happened that night.

    Tags: Rape, Group, Loli, NTR (Netorare)

    An Apple a Day...

    Involves: Kushina, Doctor/Medic

    Summary: The drugs and gas kicked in and Kushina felt... light. Woozy. Nauseous. Sleepy. As she began to drift off into a medically induced coma, her doctor's form shifted from an average man into that of a horrifying shadowy silhouette. Perhaps it was just the lack of consciousness or maybe it was the drugs playing a trick on her mind, but Kushina suddenly wished that she had eaten that apple. No matter what little good it could've done her.

    Tags: Rape, Drugs, Sleep-Fucking

    Back From The Dead

    Involves: Kushina, Raikage, Killer Bee

    Summary: Kushina is brought back from the dead in order to combat the combined forces of the shinobi. However, Kabuto has other nefarious purposes in bringing her back besides to cripple the enemy's army. The ability to sow discord amongst the key members of the Shinobi Alliance with the help of just one woman and her traumatising past was valuable to him than a thousand White Zetsu's.

    Tags: Rape, NTR, Mind Control

    A Friend in Need...

    Involves: Hinata, Kiba, (Naruto, Himawari, Boruto, OC)

    Summary: Hinata notices her good friend and teammate appearing to be quite uncomfortable and offers to help him in whatever way she can, promising to do so in any way she can. (Unfortunately for her, Kiba's in heat and has quite the itch. An itch that spans over years and years, and even through her marriage. (If I continue with this, it will be a multi-chapter story that covers until Boruto: The Movie))

    Tags: Cheating, Blackmail/Manipulation (Kind of), Preg, Oral, Violence

    Boruto's Bet

    Involves: Hinata, Boruto, Shikadai

    Summary: Putting your own mother on the line in some kind of childish bet is never a good idea. Even worse, to actually lose.Tags: Cheating, Netorare, BDSM

    One Piece

    Sadi-chan's Downtime

    Involves: Sadi, Jailer Beasts, Saldeath, Blugori, Domino

    Summary: All sadists need to take a break, and Sadi-chan is no different. After a long day of inflicting agony and misery upon the unfortunate souls of Impel Down, she spend the rest of her free time kicking back and relaxing by indulging in the rest of her fetishes, however twisted they may be. And no one is safe from her. Not even herself.

    Tags: BDSM, S&M, Impregnation, Beastiality

    Trouble in Paradise

    Involves: Robin, Nami

    Summary: Forced to land on an uncharted and unfamiliar island after a freak storm, the gang splits up for a few days while waiting for the Log Pose to realign again. Whilst on this short break, Robin finds traces of a lost civilisation and her curiosity ends up unleashing a slumbering evil.

    Tags: Tentacle, Rape, Impregnation


    Serpents of a Different Kind

    Involves: Fem Luffy, Male Kuja

    Summary: In another universe, Monkey D. Luffy ends up on Kuja Island as per normal. But there are two noticeable differences this time. One being the fact that the Kuja are all men, and that Luffy is a young woman. Landing on an island filled to the brim with only men, Luffy quickly becomes an interesting new toy for them.

    Tags: Rape, Fingering, Groping, Oral

    Kuja Crush

    Involves: Boa Hancock, Kuja Pirates, Kuja citizens, Pirates, Marines, World Government

    Summary: After aiding in the escape of one of the largest growing threats in the world, the World Government and the Marines have had enough of Boa Hancock and the Kuja Pirates defying them. Revoking her status as a Shichibukai, Boa Hancock, as well as her crew and citizens, now face the wrath of almost all the factions who run rampant across the seas. With pirates, marines and even larger threats on the horizon of Amazon Lily, perhaps assisting Luffy might not have been the best idea after all.

    Tags: Rape, NTR, Violence, Character Death, Gang-rape

    Snake? Snake?! Snaaaaake!

    Involves: Boa Hancock, Impel Down cast

    Summary: Having aided Luffy in the war, Boa Hancock is stripped of her title of 'Shichibukai' and is sentenced to spend the rest of her life in Impel Down as the tasty treat of the wardens and the inmates.

    Tags: Rape, Gangbang, Impregnation, Slavery

    Momonosuke's Dragon

    Involves: Robin, Nami, Momonosuke

    Summary: Momonosuke consumption of the artificial fruit made by Dr Vegapunk had more side effects than just allowing him to turn into a scaly pink dragon. In the midst of their investigations, Robin and Nami decided to take things into their own hands.

    Tags: Shota

    The Queen's Unknown Sacrifice

    Involves: Queen Otohime, World Nobles, Saint Mjosgard

    Summary: In the one week that Fishman Island worried for their Queen and awaited her return from Mariejois, they had no idea of the sacrifice she had made for the sake of their entire species.

    Tags: Blackmail, Rape, Group, Impregnation

    Deep Sentence

    Involves: Nami, Robin, Boa Hancock, Jewelry Bonney

    Summary: Recounts of the female pirates and their personal and shared experiences in the greatest, impenetrable prison of all time, Impel Down.

    Tags: Rape, Group, Impregnation, Orgy 

    The Secret Treasure of the Seas!

    Involves: Mermaids, Princess Shirahoshi, Madam Sharley, Caribou

    Summary: Freed from the barrel he had been contained in, Caribou found himself face to face with the ultimate treasure of the seas! Screw gold, screw fame, and screw power! They all paled in comparison to the beautiful virgin mermaids of Merman Island! And by god was he going to fuck them all!

    Tags: Rape, Tentacles (kinda), Group, Orgy

    Whore of the Seas

    Involves: Nami, Male Characters/OC

    Summary: Throw enough Beli at the 'Cat Burglar' and soon enough you'll have her bent over for you.

    Tags: Prostitution

    Drunken Dog

    Involves: Nico Robin, Prisoners, Wardens

    Summary: Blasted away from her crewmates and friends by the seemingly merciless Kuma, Robin awakens as a new resident in the harsh, cold construction site of Tequila Wolf. Chained up with seastone cuffs and at the mercy of the wardens, Robin becomes the hottest thing for all the men in the frigid wasteland. 

    Tags: Rape, Impregnation, Group, BDSM (Slightly)

    Her Mother's Daughter

    Involves: Olivia Robin, Nico Robin, CP9, World Government, Male Characters

    Summary: Robin didn't know her mother much, nor did she know of the sacrifices and pain the woman went through throughout her journies, but she had a feeling that her mother was just like her in every way.

    Tags: Prostitution, Rape, Group

    Madam Sharley's 'Hostess Club'

    Involves: Madam Sharley, Mermaids, Straw Hat Crew, Mermen

    Summary: The Straw Hat Pirates don't know it but Madam Sharley's Mermaid Cafe is really just a brothel. After getting into yet another a heated argument about how many mermaids they can each take on, Zoro and Sanji face off against each other by boning as many as they can, with Luffy joining in after misinterpreting the challenge. However, unaware of the massive debt they were racking up by having so much sex, Madam Sharley employs the only two female pirates in the crew to work it all off. 

    Tags: Group, Orgy, Prostitution

    Boku No/My Hero Academia:

    Gravure Sluts

    Involves: Momo, Itsuka, Uwabami

    Summary: Momo and Itsuka are excited to have been assigned as interns to the Rescue-Hero and popular model, Uwabami. Little did they know that they were perched at the top of a slippery slope, one filled with blackmail, drug-abuse and lots and lots of solicited sex.

    Tags: Prostitution, Mind-break, Drug, Rape, Exhibitionism

    Bills To Pay

    Involves: Ochako, Mineta, Ida, Bakugo

    Summary: During the clash of All Might and All For One, her father's business was accidentally destroyed in the midst of their battle and her family was left with little to support themselves. Realising the severity of the situation, Ochako uses the super-heroine fame and well-developed body to find a part-time job in order to help lighten her family's loans. 

    Tags: Prostitution, NTR

    Anger Issues

    Involves: Ochako, Bakugo, Kyoka

    Summary: Ochako tries to befriend the hot-headed Bakugo for the sake of Deku, only for things to spiral horribly out of control.

    Tags: Rape, NTR

    Attack of the Nomus!

    Involves: Nomu (multiple), Female Characters, Tomura

    Summary: With the pro-heroes broken and defeated before him, Shiragaki begins the first steps at taking down heroes all over Japan. Starting with their women.

    Tags: Rape, NTR, Group, Character Death, Public Shaming

    Tough Love

    Involves: Izuku, Bakugou (fem)

    Summary: Upset that Izuku is falling for another, Bakugou forces Izuku to accept her love, no matter how much he refuses.

    Tags: Bully, Rape (female on male)

    Sloppy Froppy

    Involves: Tsuyu, Male OC Villain

    Summary: Whilst at the beach on patrol, Tsuyu is alerted to the presence of a nearby villain terrorising the female beachgoers with his numerous appendages and slimy tentacles. Hopping into action, the new superhero 'Froppy' makes a splash! 

    Tags: Tentacles, Rape, Voyeur, Impregnation, Public Shaming

    Sticky Situations

    Involves: Mineta, Female Characters

    Summary: Mineta's Quirk keeps causing wardrobe malfunctions for his fellow female classmates, both unintentionally and not. (A series of short one-shorts)

    Tags: Stripping, Flashing, Exhibitionism, Public Shaming


    Hypnotic Haven

    Involves: Female Characters, Male Characters, Hypnos, Drowzee

    Summary: Team Rocket's newest attempt at trying to rule the world -through the use of the Hypnotic Pokemon, Drowzee and Hypno, from all across the globe- backfires entirely, causing them to unlock the beastial part of their brains that had been kept away for a reason. Now free to do as they please, they begin the revolution of the Hypnotics and create the ultimate haven for all!

    Tags: Rape, Beastiality, Group, Impreg


    Involves: Female Characters, Pokemon, Male Characters

    Summary: Settling debts has never been easier! Why pay money after losing when you could just fuck it out? Everyone wins!

    Tags: Group, Beastiality, Prostitution

    Pokemon Daycare!

    Involves: Pokemon Breeders (Trainer Class), Pokemon

    Summary: Ever wondered where Pokemon eggs come from? Well, you'd be very surprised to find out!

    Tags: Group, Beastiality, Impreg, Cheating (?)

    Professor's Research!

    Involves: All Professors, Female/Male Main Characters

    Summary: Who cares about catching them all and researching about Pokemon? What the professors need are young teenage bodies to study and fuck!

    Tags: Group

    Flannery's Hotspring Fuckfest!

    Involves: Flannery, Female Characters, Male Characters, Pokemon

    Summary: It's the grand opening of Gym Leader Flannery's new, massive hot-spring themed gym and she's inviting everyone to come join her in her first ever 'Hotspring Fuckfest'! Complimentary food and drinks! Admission is free!

    Tags: Group, Orgy, Beastiality

    Spider-man: Homecoming 

    An Aunt's Apology

    Involves: Aunt May, Male Characters (Flash, Mr Delmar, Tony Stark)

    Summary: After Aunt May finds out about Peter's secret identity, she goes about trying to pay back the damages he causes during his fights.

    Tags: Group, Blackmail, Prostitution



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