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    Name: Umari (UmariRS on FF.Net). Or you can call me Kyal!

    Age: Age is unimportant in the grand scheme of things. But if you must know, I'm 20.

    Location: The United States

    What I read: I read Pokemon FanFiction. I tend to gravitate more towards Romance but if it's a RomanceAdventure, you'll probably see a review from me!

    What I write: Smut. I write smut. HOWEVER, I try to have plot as well. To me, there's a LOT more skill in having a good story while writing quality smut. Due to this, I try to balance the to. Saying this, that doesn't mean I don't like one-shots. Quite the opposite, I love one-shots! Those are what I write. What I mean by what I said that it's a lot harder to write a GOOD ActionAdventure Romance story than a multi-chaptered smut filled one. BUT BACK TO THE MAIN THING! I write Romance, Adventure and Action.

    Why I write: Writing is an escape to me, a way to freely express myself. If I feel bad, I'll write how I feel. Its a freedom to me; an art, essentially. When I began writing, it was out of jealousy when I saw good stories. I wanted to be like that. So I started. And here I am today.

    When did I begin writing: It's hard to remember the day I did. I mean, I remember hat I wrote, but not sure exactly.. When.. It was. If I would have to guess of when I wrote my first story, it was probably 6 or so years ago.

    What motivates me to write: Multiple things are motivation. It's mostly all of you who are the reason I do. When I write, I feel happy. My life goal is to entertain people in some shape, way, or form. One way I do that is through posting ideas I have for you all to read. I've been told before that my stories have cheered people up on bad days. That's what I like to hear.. That I can make people happy. That's all I want and need as motivation.

    Couple of my favorite reviews (in no order and from both AFF and FF.Net):

    Kurocatalyst - Chapter 3 of Once Unloved: "I love this story so much. I was in kind of a bad mood when I started reading this chapter and I'm feeling so much better now, thanks. This is one of my favorite mightyena stories; it's cute and sweet, it's not too long and not too short (just about perfect), the lemon is done really well, it has very few errors besides minor things like saying "to" when it should be "too." But other than that, I love it, favoriting this story."

    DimensionWisher - Chapter 3 of Once Unloved: "Pros: That... was so beautiful... I can't even...

    Cons: Wait, is it truly over? Damn I was hoping for some more story, Ferra sharing her past, maybe see Torr's, noooo it can't be over! It is so good D!

    That said, wow, just... wow..."

    Update 10/05/15: Hi everyone. I'm just here to inform you I will be putting my story 'Leading the Herd' on hold for a bit. You may have noticed I haven't updated it in quite some time. That's come down to a few reasons. I'll explain why below.

    First off, the most important reason on why I'm putting it on hold is a difficult decision I must make about the story. While the story is a major one for me, my first "story" (meaning my first non-oneshot unless you count my other story as a "story") actually, I've come to a hard decision. I feel as if I've rushed way too much into this and have been dragging out parts that really SHOULDN'T have been, such as chosing Prime Mate. I feel this should have been one chapter and then moved on but it's about to be three, which is way too many.

    Now what I'm considering doing about that is one of two things:

    1.) A complete rewrite. I'll try and keep some of the characters but many will be tossed. I'm heavily considering this as it'll give me more of a chance to delve into what I had planned for the story. I also feel I rushed into the plot concerning legends than I should have by sending Mew to the pack already. What I had planned with legends would be, in my opinion, a good one. If a rewrite DOES occur, I'll possibly be changing the plot to a new one, although holding the same general idea of a human leading a herd. This is the decision I'm leaning towards.

    2.) Tough it out and write as is. Now I know many like my story how it is now. Don't get me wrong, I do like my story, but it's not how I feel it should be. When I post a story, I want it to be my BEST work for all of you. While I understand many of you like how the story is right now, it's hard for me to write it, especially right now. If I do go with a rewrite, I'll post a few chapters of the new one and allow you guys to decide on which one I continue, and which one I stop.

    Mending the Past (More than half finished, One-Shot, Espeon and Umbreon): As a very young kid, Joel didn't really understand how to treat Pokemon when they're young. He always tended to be a bit rough with them, almost in the spectrum of being downright mean. Much older now, he realizes what he has done to them and wants them to forgive how he used to be. They will.. but only if he does something for them in return.

    Leading the Herd (Posted, on hold for a short amount of time, multi-chaptered, too many Pokemon to name are included): On an average, everyday stroll, Kazo is attacked by a Mightyena. Fighting for his life, he ends up beating the Mightyena who ends up being the Herd Leader of a rather large group of Pokemon. Now named the leader himself, Kazo must take on the everyday life that a Herd Leader must. Beginning aspect of story based off of 'Pack Master' by X abbodon X.

    Operation: WAPP: This isn't an actual story. Rather, it's a project I'm starting. Operation: WAPP is a project where I will Write all Pokemon in Porn (Hence: WAPP). When I say all, I don't literally mean ALL. I will only do those requested or those I find.. well.. sexy. I'm starting from the top of the Pokemon list at A and moving down the list ALL the way to Z. If I skip a Pokemon you'd like to see, leave a review telling me you'd like a story for that specific Pokemon and I'll get right on it.

    As for the stories themselves, they'll all be posted separately. They will NOT be posted into one giant story because, if I skip a Pokemon, it'll be too much hassle to add it where it belongs in the order (I don't even know if I can add chapters between other ones). For the Pokemon I've already got written (Only Mightyena at the time of writing this), I will write ANOTHER story for them.

    So what gave you the ideas behind each story?

    Most of my stories are spur of the moment. I don't think ahead of the idea, it just comes to me. That said, I'm not saying ALL are like that, some ideas I've had have been thought out for a while. Each story will go into as much detail as I can for the story below.

    Once Unloved was one of my somewhat 'random' ideas. I had been thinking about Shiny Pokemon (I'd been playing a LOT of Omega Ruby and shiny hunting myself a shiny female Mightyena) and wanted to you around with how Shinies are, or could be, treated if Pokemon were real. I had considered two ideas that were possible if they were: they're hunted for money or they're shunned by those around them. Not wanting the graphic route of hunting, especially since I hate hunting of any kind, I decided I would try out the path of a lonely girl who just wants to be loved by SOMEONE. Torr was based off myself and how I would act in said situation. Ferra was just a random character I came up with. As for why I chose Mightyena over any other Pokemon? Well.. There's not many GOOD FanFics with a female Mightyena as a main character. I was hoping to change that.

    Leading the Herd is based loosely off of Pack Master by x abbodon x. The only thing similar to it is that a human runs a Herd of wild Pokemon. I had talked with him YEARS ago on an old account, asking permission to write my own version but I never got around to it. That was until recently when I wanted to start writing again and remembered that idea I had. Like Once Unloved, Kazo is based off me in the situation.

    Vox Hieme is probably my favorite story to write. For so long, I've wanted to write a journey story start to finish. Each time I do, I lose motivation or hate where it's going, resulting in me stopping the story. The idea itself is one of a story I started on an old account a couple months ago but never finished, only getting two chapters in. It had a similar start, a trainers best friend who was his starter, getting killed. Although each story is going a different route (the other story, not Vox Hieme was going to be the trainer allowed the pokemon who killed his friend to live then end up taking over theworld, or at least attempting to, then getting killed. It was based off a story I read a LONG time ago.), this one has an enemy team loosely based off of Team Aqua/Magma. No spoilers yet so this is as far as I'll go.

    How do I come up with my characters?

    Most people don't like this but my characters are all based off of me. Well.. The main character. I don't like coming up with new characters because I'll be likely to change how they act randomly since there's no "personality" set in stone. With writing as myself, I'm able to think exactly how I would if I were in my characters situation. Some may call this lazy, but I think its a lot funner to write like that. That being said, the side characters are usually new characters NOT based on me. Most are actually OCs friends send in. Winter from Vox Hieme is a prime example of a character my friend sent in.

    Things that annoy me?

    Racism - There is not much that annoys me more than racism. I honestly fail to see the reasoning behind racism. Like.. Why? There's bad people of EVERY race. Not all blacks are bad. Not all Whites are bad. Not all Mexicans are bad. If you truly think that one race is better than another then.. Well, I'm sorry, but you're extremely stupid. Racist jokes don't but me.. Up to a point. A joke or two is fine but if you drop the big N-Word, I'm going to get EXTREMELY annoyed.

    Elitists - Holy shit, ok, THIS bugs me majorly. If you're an elitist, you may as well not even talk to me. If I come to you for help, or see someone else does, and you blatantly are a dick about it, I'm going to get very rude. There's a point where, fine, I can understand when someone would get annoyed, but when someone doesn't understand is wrong. Or if someone does something how THEY wawant, and it still works, but you come along and blatantly say they're wrong or are stupid for how they do it, then you're a dick.

    Attention Seekers - Ok this one is weird. Being honest, everyone wants attention in one way or another, I don't care what you say, every person desires some form of attention. But to throw yourself out and force the Attention on you, then you have a problem. If you're the life of the party and are funny, that's one thing, and I see no problem in that. But if you freak and hate when others don't give you attention or if you purposefully do stupid stuff to be noticed, or try hard for attention, then sorry but you buy me.

    Mini-Mods - See, now, someone explain this to me? Why do you try so hard to be something you're not? For example, if you're if you're the type of person to go around and post on people's stories saying their story breaks a rule and they should fix it, then you are part of the problem. You have NO right to do this. There are moderators for a reason. It's one thing to guide someone and maybe inform then, but, to publicly post that they're violating a rule is wrong and you should feel ashamed.

    People who bash others work - K. This.. I can't even.. This seriously pissed me off to no end. People spend hours upon hours creating art, stories, songs, etc. and someone just comes up and says it's terrible/should never have been created/should be deleted? Like.. How can you think this is okay? People can pour their heart and souls into what they create and your little sentence can crush an entire dream.

    "Oh they should get over it then!"

    No, you should grow up. If you're old enough to use a computer, you're old enough to have some common sense and respect. You're a human being, just like everyone else, and have dreams like we do. What if someone said your dream was stupid or you should give up on it?

    "It's one person, who cares?"

    That person could. Have some respect for those around you and keep that to yourself.

    Want to Review for Review?

    If you're not sure what this is, it's basically a term some use to ask someone to Review one/multiple stories they have posted and, in return, they will also review your stories. That's basically all it is.

    Now, would I R4R? Sure, I see no harm in it. If you would like to do an R4R with me, please message me. I will only R4R under the following conditions:

    You must message me ahead of time

    You must actually take the time to go in depth with reviews. No simple "I like this, I like that."

    You MUST list Pros of the story as well as Cons. I want to know what I'm doing good on and need improvement on.

    You need to tell me what genre (Romance, adventure, etc.) the story is.

    I will only read Pokemon.

    No Anthros/Gijinkas (or whatever they are called). Nothing personal but, with Anthros/Gijinkas, it's hard to know the exact image you're trying to create. With your typical, unmodified pokemon (unless minimal changes such as scars or injuries), it's easier to identify what the character is. Anthros have MANY different possible looks. That, and I hate Anthro-fied Pokemon.

    How many chapters the story you want a review for is.

    Must actually be looking to improve your writing.

    If you would like, tell me specifically what you're looking for/what ypure hoping to improve so I can watch out for that as well.

    Please be honest. It it's terrible, let me know and how I can improve it. Chances are if it isn't good to one, it isn't to many others. I want my work to be the best it can be.

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