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    After reading the Harry Potter series at least 10 time (not joking) I discovered fan fiction. I thought and still feel the final Harry Potter book was perfect. However I also  had no desire to read fan fiction which I believed would surely suck......I was very wrong. After reading tons of great stories (and some bad ones too) full of variety from comedic to the twisted I decided To finally right my own. I have always struggled to right long stories But with the world and characters of Harry Potter already developed I found writing incredibly easy until I had a pretty big story. Its know Harry Potter novel but I am quite proud of it. Since it deals with with the darker side of human nature as well as the ability to make through dark times through love and companionship. I believe that will be a theme in many of my stories. I had no plans to do another story after The Corruption But I already have another story less dark but still touching on these themes and more. I hope you like my work and if not........OK ....I'm not crying......WHY!!!!!!!

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