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    Edward_or_Ford is my pseudonym for a strange part of me that has started to want to write fan fiction.

    I am an IT pro, working in systems admin, in my early-mid 40's. I have not done creative writing of any kind since high school, a quarter century ago. And I'm pretty sure I've not wanted to write anything, in my life, before this.

    For many years, I've had a secret attraction to the idea of underage, consensual, hetero incest. It did not come out of any actual history or experience. My sister is four years older than me, but she has never been a part of any of my fantasies. I had no underage sexual experiences of any kind while growing up, and my wife remains the only person with whom I have ever been intimate with in any way. We have a beautiful young teenage daughter, towards whom I (thankfully) do not have any sexual feelings for. This is a private masturbatory kick of mine, completely separate from anything that I have or do in real life.

    The inspiration for my writing is the television cartoon series Gravity Falls, which my daughter and I discovered in January 2015. While it is an awesome show in its own right, the characters of Dipper and Mabel Pines, and a "Pinecest" relationship between them, instantly and completely occupied the space in my brain for my secret kick. Alex Hirsch may have based the characters on himself and his real-life twin sister, but he inadvertantly created the most incesty-shippable characters in the universe.

    At the beginning of March, an idea started forming in my head for a story about the beginnings of a sexual relationship between these characters, and how that might come about. (Although I've read incest fiction for awhile, the whole realm of any form of "fan fiction" was unknown to me then.) It rattled around in my head for several days, more details coalescing all the time. Finally I convinced myself that I could actually write this story. Two weeks of part-time work and 28,000 words later, "Fistbump" was complete. I was actually quite pleased with how it turned out, and decided to create a fake name and put it on line. That is how I found AFF.org, and published it here the same day.

    Since then, I've had my horizons expanded by a lot of reading here and elsewhere. I've received enough positive feedback that I've mapped out several stories that can follow in the same universe as "Fistbump". As of this writing, I've published the first six of twelve chapters of the second volume, "Fistbump 2: Unspeakable", but I am currently stuck. I know what is going to happen, but getting the story out onto the keyboard is proving difficult right now. Please be patient, I'll get there. This is my first experience with writer's block.

    I've interacted with several supportive members here, who have provided me with valuable advice, feedback, editing assistance, and even invited my input on their own stories.

    If you want to contact me, please message me in the AFF forums, or just write me directly at edwardwilliam.or.ford@gmail.com .

    I hope you enjoy my work. Thanks for reading!


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