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    Find me on tumblr to keep up with my writing progress:

    You can also find me on AO3! (I'm a lot more active there)

    Age: 26

    Sex: Male

    Orientation: Bisexual

    Favorite (yaoi) Ships: Naruto/Sasuke (Naruto), Shiro/Keith (Voltron), Kaworu/Shinji (Evangelion), Riku/Sora (Kingdom Hearts), Nezumi/Shion (No. 6), Gon/Killua (HunterxHunter)

    Between working on a perpetually stalled and endlessly interrupted novel I'd love to get published someday, I also enjoy writing fan fiction (both the smutty kind and the non-perverted kind) when I have the time. My other hobbies include video games, reading, politics, history, photography, and travel.

    In the highly likely event that I don't update my fanfics for months at a time, it's not because I've abandoned them or forgotten that they exist, it's just that I'm unfortunately not in a position where I can work on what I want, when I want due to various personal circumstances in my life that often hinder my productivity. So if you're looking for an update for a story that hasn't updated in a while, please be patient and I'll try my best to get chapters written ASAP.

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