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    Hello, lovelies! This here be the account of Kaitlin, aka QueenOfTheDream. I'm a 25-year-old college student (Am I young? Am I old? I dunno, man. I dunno) with an itch to write and a penchant for torturing characters. I live in a state most condemn as a farm-covered, flat wasteland, but high tax rate and crap roads notwithstanding, I love my home state. I find beauty in the open spaces, wide horizons, and sunsets over waving fields.

    SessKag is my Inuyasha OTP, followed closely by MirKag and then KogaKag. I'm a sucker for crackfics, what can I say?

    I do a lot of fanart, mostly for IY or Game of Thrones (GoT is my lifeblood and has damaged me emotionally. GRRM, you are a brilliant monster). I don't often get the inspiration to actually draw, for my muse is very fickle. And I'm lazy. Mostly lazy.

    I'm currently writing two SessKag fics, "Edge of Paradise," and "Blood is the New Black," the former of which has taken a back burner to the latter. I've edited all of the chapters of Edge of Paradise. Blood is the New Black is set in the modern era in an attempt to force myself to evolve in terms of writing and research.

    I'm a history major in college, so I obviously have a love for history (who woulda thunk?!). Due to this, the majority of my fics are going to have some sort of historical theme to them. I try to keep as close to history and geography as I can, mostly for my own sake since readers don't generally care haha

    My musical tastes range over most genres, excluding most rap, hip hop, and reggae. Though my musical tastes are rather expansive, I'm picky. A music snob I suppose. Depending on my mood, I'll listen to goth, heavy metal, classic rock/80s, power metal, symphonic metal, j-pop, 90s/early 00s country (extremely picky about my country music. Mostly, it's just Garth Brooks), and oldies pop (read: Elton John and John Denver. John Denver is secretly my spirit animal, minus the wife beating and fiery airplane death). I'm the classic rock guru of my friend circle.

    Why is it that nobody gets the Def Leppard reference in my SN? Whyyyyyyyy?

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