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    New fanfic writer and new user to the site, so please don't bust my balls, would you kindly.  I write what I know, which is mostly 90's video games and porn.

    Please note that in the interest of completeness I tag my stories with all categories that they might even mildly qualify for.  I'm not big into super squicky stuff, so try not to read too much into the tags.  If something is "Domination" and "Abuse", that means maybe the guy gets slapped around a little ala Gone with the Wind while getting handcuffed to a bed, etc.  No bringing out of the gimp here.

    I'll also be posting on H-Foundry, sometimes with visual aids, so feel free to pop on over there, if I got a pic commissioned to go with a story/chapter, I'll have the link there.  I'm also more free to reply back to reviews if you want to have a back and forth.


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