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    Hello readers and authors out there, with just as twisted minds as mine!

    I am a Moderator on boards - in the clean-up crew. It´s vital to run such a huge site, that there are people willing to give up their free time, so we can keep this place free and amazing still. The owner of this site is an amazing gal and I am so happy to be able to help out a bit! (you ca also donate to keep the site running)

    I am Cheri age 34 from Denmark - so I´m not used to English per say! But I try my best anyway!

    I live with my husband, three kids: 2 months (boy), 2 (girl) and 4 (boy), (and an angel girl of 6,5), a dog and a cat! ;-)

    I LOOOOVE writing, and I love to read.

    I prefer SLASH - one on one. I like stories which are funny the most but angst has to be read once in a while too. I don´t have a favorite pairing personally; you can tell by my own stories that I prefer to challenge myself.

    I have no favorite pairing, I will read everything! That does not mean I will like it all though.


    I have written:

    2x Harry/Percy (complete)

    1x Neville/Severus (complete)

    4x Harry/Draco. (complete)

    2x Harry/Snape.(complete)

    1x Harry/Lucius (WIP)


    1x Lucius/unknown female (WIP, un hold)

    1x Neville/unknown female (WIP, un hold)


    See you out there - and yes, I do except challenges. So if you have one, send it to me ( name it challenge, and then add your pairing, and 3 keywords.

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