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    Hey guys,

    I suck at bio's, but I'll give it a shot. So here we go. I love to not only write but read. Since I don't always see stories that I wish to see I thought I would give it a go and try to get the stories I wish to see out into the world.  I plan to use this to post the stories that are currently screaming to get out of my head and out into the world. I will try to update as much as possible so don't worry I don't plan to leave my stories unfinished. I know thins happen promises get made, but I am not so cruel as to reel you in just to stop. Any questions or if you want a chance to possibly see previews or my random musings go to my Tumblr which is listed below.

    Please, Read and Review, it really does make my day and my heart sing to know that not only are people reading my stuff but enjoying it. 

    If you want to get in touch with me and not just through reviews email me at:

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