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    Ok firstly i dont have much to say about myself other than a few things. First is that i love food, thats a given for me, espicially bacon, Second is that I'm a pretty bad writer, everyone else tells me that im a good writer but i think they just do that to boost my confidence like people do. Another thing i lover is anime, i love the concept out of our world perspective, which is why Fantasy is my favourite Genre of anything, another reason is because reality is overrated in my mind. I love music, i constantly listening to it, whither it be breakfast, lunch, dinner or anywhere in between and sometimes when going to bed. Just a few of my favourite song would be:

    ♦Pain - Three Days Grace   ♦Time of Dying - Three Days Grace  ♦Flight - Tristam                    ♦Riptide - Sick Puppies

    ♦Numb - Linkin Park            ♦Comin' in Hot - Hollywood Undead  ♦American Idiot - Green Day ♦Indestructible - Disturbed

    As you can see im a huge fan of Rock/Punk/Metal/Techno.

    I'm not much in looks department, i consist 'Frosty' Blonde Hair (thats how my family describes my hair), a red shirt and pajams right now

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