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    Been here a year and a half and love the writers and readers.

    Unfortunately, I'll be leaving in 2016 as I can't tolerate the site's interface. Hung around hoping for something a bit more intuitive - and I know the admins are working their tails off as a labor of love - but I got crushed when the site got updated (one example: lost 12,000 "cat pokes" with no way to verify my count and no site backups to restore the counter).

    Things take too many clicks and too many pages open and stay that way. I'm fearful the next "update" will cream one of my stories as I've seen it do to others. It was tolerable when the stats were reliable but now...

    So I'll be finishing "Balaur" and "The Best Of..." and looking for another fanfiction home. I'll update here when I've moved my stories.

    I'll always be grateful to the folks here and will, of course, continue to read stories written here. 


    Yet ANOTHER annoyance on this site - To those who have been submitting reviews (thank you, btw): I haven't been able to acknowledge them because they are all coming in as ANONYMOUS. Even older reviews I've replied to in my stories no longer have the reader's noms de plume. I have no idea which UPDATE eviscerated your thoughts and words but I apologize for not being able to answer personally.

    Still planning to move my stuff to somewhere else. My dramione is going to Hawthorne & Vine (dramione.org) but it's a slow process. Everything else (and maybe the dramione as well) looks like it will AT THE LEAST go to AO3 and possibly ff.net. BUT-BUT-BUT most of that won't happen until "The Best Of..." is closer to either done or abandoned. "With Good Intentions" will be finished and published HERE before it's moved.

    Thanks for hanging in. I assure you I am LEAVING.


    After some thinking and some trial use, I'm moving my stories to archive of our own under the pen name two_ff. It' a slooow process as I'll be re-editing all of them and (in some cases)  trying to improve them without losing the essence of the story.

    That said, I have some completed works that I'll post here on AFF - the review comments will make for a better revision when I move it. And at this moment "The Best Of..." is giving me fits - got the beginning and ending written but "im struggling to get through the New Year's hols chapter(s).

    I'm grateful to that group of folks - namely, the admins - give of their time (and cash) to do this. Without AFF I would never have entered this fandom. But I'm a curmudgeon with a lot of IT inrastructure background and I just have to have systems and apps that bend to my demented will. This site's apps keep hammering me - just last week I had to re-typeset a story for the sixth time (yes, I do keep a log of that). Some of the older stories that are wonderful have been rendered unreadable by the site software. I'm getting out before I have to re-do dozens of stories every few months. Too old for that.

    Thank you to those who read and commented on my works. If you haven't taken the opportunity to do so, please leve me a review comment.



    Been cleaning out my almost-done folder and decided to post a number of these as they were almost finished anyway. "With Good Intentions" and "Long Time in the Making" both fall into this category. Haven't reneged on my promise to finish "The Best Of..."; I got pissed off when my old stories developed "Crazy Character Syndrome"  - including the title and tags!!! - because of some nefarious update performed against the entire archive. I spent DAYS cleaning up stories I had already cleaned up in September because of extranious blank lines inserted at random in every one of my completed stories. Killed my muse...

    Two old stories and one new one are up on AO3. 



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