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    I have always been a writer, and lately my interests have turned to the mature -- well, adult-oriented -- realm, so naturally I ended up here. My interests are eclectic, and I'm trying out a variety of types of stories and genres. There's only one thing to remember about my writing: All bets are off and pandelirium reigns!

    There are so many plot bunnies scampering around inside my skull that I hardly know what to write next; everything seems so tempting -- especially when I'm already working on something else. Thus, I have lots of partially written, not-quite-alive things haunting my hard drive.

    Please note: The Author holds exclusive rights to all original work. Unauthorized duplication is strictly prohibited.


    Readers please note: All of my stories are fiction. Yes, fiction. That means they are all fake. Lies. Unreal. Nothing in fiction ever really happens, so don't get upset about. It's all pretend. None of us would ever do or condone any of the unsavory stuff found in some fics, so relax and just breathe.
    Also, FYI, I do not make any money off any of this. At all.
    No similarity to any persons -- living, dead or dreamed about -- is intended.


    I have created topics in the AFF Forums to reply to reviews/comments and discuss my work:

    "The Chronicles of Quinn Kane"

    "I'm Half Crazy..."

    "The Ice Queen Cracks"

    "What's Bugging Her?"

    "Cold Floor, Warm Shoulder"

    "Striking Out"

    "Hung Out to Cry"

    "Waterlogged: Making Waves"

    "The Pit in the Cellar"

    "Thank You"

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