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    2 stories left to finish!

    As I get closer to completing these stories I want to remind/make my plan to narrow down the websites very clear. Each website had different rules and set ups and if something like a tag or disclaimer was missing on one site it could be a problem. I'm just annoyed with juggling the different set ups and Passwords! So many passwords ...

    Eventually, after finishing the stories i have up, i will be posting to only one site which is Wattpad (penname: ToryoKoneko23). I like the easier posting set up and love that i can put my doodles anywhere without going through a photo site. Check that out if you're interested! There are bonuses like extra chapters and new oneshots already up!

    Sites with older stories Blackkitten23 pename
    Paperfox19's site
    Adultfanfiction *(or furrydemon)-there's a glitch with my penname on this site

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