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    Hmm... What to say about me? I tend to keep my private life to myself! There are loads of creepy people online, you know. :P

    Well, I suppose. given the erotic nature of this particular fanfic site, revealing a bit of who I am in regards to sexuality wouldn't go amiss.

    I'm still not entirely sure what gender I am - even at my advancing age. I mean, I grew up with a penis, and I'm relatively used to it. I even get a bit of satisfaction out of it. But in my head I'm unquestionably more female and even in childhood I felt like a girl inside. I sort of feel stuck in my current gender form, but I wouldn't say that I'm quite Trans either. I think I'd feel stuck either way. Being able to switch genders at will always seemed appealing to me, even as a child, so maybe Genderfluid is the most appropriate term.  

    Probably the first book I read (when I was a kid) with a character I really identified with was The Marvelous Land of Oz. For those who haven't read it, the main character is a ten or eleven year old boy named Tip, who at the end of the story discovers that he was really born a girl and transformed into a boy by an evil witch. Glinda the Good Witch turns him back into a girl - who just happens to be Princess Ozma.

    Later on as I grew older I would discover gender-swap Sci Fi stories such as I Will Fear No Evil by Robert Heinlein, and then I came across Sci Fi author Jack Chalker who has numerous books which revolve around gender-bending themes.

    And in most recent years, despite not really being a gender-bending story, I came across Harry Potter, the story of a boy who looked like his father, but had "his mother's eyes." In literature and philosophy, the eyes are "the window to the soul," and Rowling makes it explicit in the series that Harry's eyes do indeed reflect his mother's soul--meaning that Harry has a female soul. Harry is a character that Trans and Genderfluid folk can identify with, and it's a shame that Rowling didn't explore the likelihood that Harry was a Metamorphmagus like Tonks. What I wouldn't give to have metamorphmagus powers and gender-switch at will... **sigh**  

    There's a bit more to it. My sexual preference is strongly for women, but occasionally, once in a blue moon, I see a dude who strikes my fancy. I suppose that means I'm a little bit Bi (whatever that means for Genderfluid folk).

    And finally, most of my stories tend to feature the joys of puberty and discovering sex, largely as a means of reliving my youthful fantasies and realities. I was rather precocious, and somewhere around 12 I lost my cherry to a girl about a year older than me.

    The experience sort of stuck with me big time (because it was awesome, even with the attendant awkwardness of first-times), and so did all the weird juvenile fantasies--some of them heavily influenced by R Crumb and Heavy Metal magazine (and cartoons/comics generally), not to mention the aforementioned fantasy and sci-fi books I was reading, and a few others including Victorian BDSM classics like The Pearl (which actually helped me work through the physical abuse I endured at the hands of my psycho step-dad) and the non-fiction works of Nancy Friday (oh boy--my mum would have been mortified if she knew i'd been raiding her bookshelf. Lol! :D ).

    Anyway, there you have it, the long and short of it is that now you know why my stories tend to revolve around certain themes.


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