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    My email is , message me on that if you have idea's for my stories , or just want to talk about them . Most of my stories consist of ever Hypnosis , drugs or blackmail . I also tend to do stories where the female has a hidden kink of wanting to be dominated , i also tend to make my protagnist in my stories and older man , or a man who wouldnt normally get a chance with these beautiful woman . Just fyi its all fantasy and i dont condone any behaviour shown in my stories , because there just that , stories.

    Hello Merlin here , i am aware im a slow writer but i also have a slight scatter brain , jumping from concentrating on one story to another . I find i struggle to just work on one story at a time and it can really depend on that day what i feel like writing . 

    Currently i have been working a lot and any writing ive wanted to do has nosedived because of less and less free time . Eventually i want each story to be updated , when i cant say . I also have a few new stories in the pipeline including a Fallout one shot , Black Widow one or two shot and a Gossip Girl story that was requested by a reader.

    UPDATE message my email not my tumblr as I will be deleting it as I don't like the format 

    Stories currently being worked on, but in no particular order 

    How to train your dragon.... What's wrong with me?

    Bones.... The Batchorette party

    Merlin... Gaius and his mind control potion

    Chuck... The Blackmail of Sarah Walker

    Castle... The wrong night the wrong man

    i have currently it a purple patch with writing, the above stories are the ones that anything new has actually been written for.



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