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    My email is , message me on that if you have idea's for my stories , or just want to talk about them . Most of my stories consist of ever Hypnosis , drugs or blackmail . I also tend to do stories where the female has a hidden kink of wanting to be dominated , i also tend to make my protagnist in my stories and older man , or a man who wouldnt normally get a chance with these beautiful woman . Just fyi its all fantasy and i dont condone any behaviour shown in my stories , because there just that , stories.

    Hello Merlin here , i am aware im a slow writer but i also have a slight scatter brain , jumping from concentrating on one story to another . I find i struggle to just work on one story at a time and it can really depend on that day what i feel like writing . 

    UPDATE message my email and follow me on Tumblr...

    Hmmm update, update , update ...

    Recently been writing a little...closest chapters to being completed are? 

    The Batchorlerette party -Bones 

    What's wrong with me ? - httyd

    Blackmail of Sarah walker -Chuck 

    Wrong night , wrong man - Castle 

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