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    Hello! I love writing, I have a few stories that aren't lovely smut on a different site (I'd suggest looking at if you want to read them just because it's better edited lol), but when writing, sometimes you just need to write the smut! Anyway, hope you enjoy what I post!

    Sorry I've been gone for a year... First I was pregnant- then I wasn't pregnant- I was finally promoted, but had to move to a different store, then my husband decided that he liked trying to gain power in a game by (cheating on me) having a shit ton of pretend sex as a girl with other men who didn't know he was a man, and yes, only wanting to have sex with me after getting turned on by chat sexing them... Then, my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer, then we found out that it had spread to her brain! Then my dad and stepmom's relationship started falling apart... Then I had to have emergency gallbladder removal surgery! And incurred about 9000 us dollars of hospital debt. And when I woke up I couldn't feel my thighs! I can walk, mostly, but I have a lot of problems. A list; bone spurs (on my spine), arthruitis (in my spine), two buldging disks (spine), piched nerve root (you guessed it) toes going numb pain down my leg... on and on... My stepmom apparently decided that she wanted to run off and do meth, I've been through months of physical therepy but still have all these issues, lost my inssurance because my husband lost his job, still have mountains of hospital bills (new and old) and while I was trying to do an exercise move, it seems that I tore through a bunch of thej scar tissue forom my gallbladder removal. Yay. Insane pain, all day, everyday with near to no relief (no complete relief possible, just best case scenerio). And my boss is an ass who tells me to smile more to customers and dismissed my pain, despite him leaving because "my knees hurt... even though I've been sitting in the office and not doing anything to exert myself..."

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