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    A Little Bit About Maddam Redder ;)

    I enjoy reading/writing slash (m/m) fiction...
    The more depressing the better, but I do enjoy some fluffy stuff every now and then.

    My stories usually contain a lot of abuse (mental, physical, sexual, etc.)
    and lots and lots of Lemons!

    But they will ALWAYS have happy endings!
    (Just be patient, my pretties. And expect the uke to suffer for a while... lol) ;)

    I'm a little twisted and my brain is a little morbid,
    but I usually try to be a happy, bright person in "real life".

    My readers are the reason I am able to stay motivated,
    I enjoy hearing all of your opinions and thoughts about what I write!

    I would love to hear from you if you like my stuff or if you would just like to talk!
    Feel free to PM me about anything!

    The majority of my stories are posted on my Fiction Press account:

    Maddam Redder:

    Be sure to follow me on my Tumblr blog for lots of Yaoi images,
    as well as updates on my stories and writing:


    And for more of my work check out my collaboration stories with the wonderful Rambling Robin:


    Sincerely with Gratitude and Love,

    Maddam Redder ;)


    Although my stories depict a large amount of rape, violence, and various types of abuse, I in no way condone these actions and/or behaviors in real life!
    It is called fantasy/fiction for a reason and it should stay in your head!! Thank you! ;)

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