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    Real Name: Trish

    Location: Cold Alberta Canada

    Age: Ah ah ah! I'm not telling.

    Interests: I have a love for InuYasha that I'm dying to share! Also I like Ranma so there may be a fan fic in that direction eventually. I love to write and well it's not my 'career' per say I do have a book in the works (non manga) that hopefully I will finish and publish (fingers crossed) one day.

    Welcome, fellow InuYasha fans! I have only recently learned the joy of InuYasha (thanks to a friend of mine who was all 'you HAVE to watch this' you know who you are!) I am now ever so slightly obsessed. So in the spirit of many of the fans out there I have chosen to write a post manga story for my favorite miko and hanyou!

    Though it may not be everyone's cup of tea I write these stories for me in the way I wish things would have ended. Selfish of me? Maybe but then again I'm the one who lives in my head sooo... yeah you get what I want. He he he!

    So I'm crazy, quirky and have a pretty decent sense of humor. I look forward to making some of you happy, some of you mad and some of you... well indifferent. Reviews of my work and private messages are welcome as long as you're not rude or disrespectful.

    Looking forward to entertaining you all in the future!


    Peace, Love and InuYasha!

    Character List For The Return and The Accession (Because you have all asked so nicely!) *will update as needed*


    Sacha – seekers of dream walkers and soul bonded pairs
    Akushitsu – diseased ookami, original guides for dream walkers
    Kirara – Passau-oka (path walker)
    Bunko – Takeshi ‘s Passau-oka (path walker)

    Shi no Keshin – the greatest evil

    Lady Meris and Hoshi Vair - the first soul bonded pair, first hanyou

    InuYasha's Village

    Tsuneo – headman
    Masumi – wife
    Katsumi – daughter
    Isao – son (eldest of three)

    Kimi – friend to Sango
    Fumiko (farmer’s wife)
    Kin and Nana – friends grew up as sisters

    Goro – blacksmith
    Sora – wife (teased for yukata)

    Tamiko – sister of Sora (did the teasing)
    Arisu Cho – women in sewing circle
    Ryoji-head builder
    Hiro – painter

    Asuka Hotoka (wood cutter)
    Nobu - son (deceased)

    Daisuke – saved by InuYasha during The Return (deceased)

    Market Day Village

    Shin - headman
    Chika – mother in law
    Ai & Eri – daughters

    Aiko (Mizuki) – Kagome's miko relative

    Moriko – girl scared of Sesshomaru
    Reiko – mother

    Husband-cloth merchant
    Satoshi – art merchant
    Yori – disrespectful utensil merchant (banished)
    Nao – pipe crafter
    Sato- Runner

    Gaden Jokamachi

    Yamana Clan
    Toyakuni – Lord
    Kawa-wife (deceased)
    Izayoi – daughter, calls InuYasha cousin

    Jijo – Toya's sensei
    Kai – new head of guard
    Iwao – old head of guard (deceased)
    Megami – name unknown
    Gurīnsukēru – wani youkai (deceased)

    Osamu and Raiden - brothers
    Tadao/Benkai – monk
    Honomi of the Mystic River- father (deceased)
    Tiami- mother
    Akemi – Miko cousin (deceased)

    Jinenji's Village

    Hōrō-sha - Jinenji's father

    Ume – Jinenji’s mate
    Miwa – grandmother

    Yutaka – headman
    Jirou - son (saved by InuYasha)
    Kame - daughter

    Haruo Kenta – brothers, friend of Jirou
    Ichiro – friend of Jirou
    Ryo – friend of Jirou
    Akane – mother

    Wester Lands

    Enshi – phoenix youkai of the Subete Mite Me (all seeing eyes)
    Joka – pet raven

    Yuzuki & Shinobu - wards of the west, Inu twins
    Kensi Tegowai – father- Koshaku of the Nami no Shiro (castle of waves) (deceased)
    Tsukiko – mother (deceased)

    Fren – Inu no Taisho's sister (deceased)

    Inn before the Pass

    Leishu & Feza – owl youkai, inn keepers
    Shig & Tai – human parents to Leishu (deceased)

    Tippy – forest youkai, servant
    Munuta – Koga's grandfather (deceased)


    Hashira – Lord Commander (deceased)
    Rokki – Hashira's son
    Rohei – Hashira's father (weapon’s master)

    Supaku – fire youkai, guard and guide at the Guardians - in courtship with Jamira
    Hikari – wind youkai, trainer of lesser youkai
    Kai –otter youkai
    Himitsu – kitsune messenger, trained by Senchineru
    Commander Shinrin - pale Inu youkai - true mate to Chūjitsuna

    Ronguhōn - bull youkai
    Meko – daughter (deceased)
    Michi – earth youkai
    Tikin – eagle youkai

    Kuma – bear youkai
    Kenkōshō – Inu youkai, Moyashi's father
    Chinmoku-mute Inu youkai
    Commander Munyin – badger youkai
    Yoru - Inu youkai guard for the panthers (Hashira's man)


    Kurropa – forest youkai, Head Gardener
    Kato – rabbit youkai, Kurropa's mate Sesshomaru's Housekeeper
    Keikai – rabbit youkai, Kato's neice
    Kumi – forest youkai, sister to Kurropa , mother to Moyashi
    Moyashi – Inu/forest youkai, nephew to Kurropa, son to Kenkōshō

    Teiboku – forest youkai, friend/cousin of Kurropa
    Keiren – squirrel youkai, specializes in flowers

    Higuma – ussuri steward (Suchawâdo)
    Kari – tanuki servant
    Kukki – glacial youkai, Head Cook
    Jamira – kitsune, housekeeper appointed by Kagome - now in courtship with Supaku

    Lord Nigai – golden Inu youkai, Koshaku of the Taiyō no shiro (castle of the sun) (deceased)
    Lady Kaika- golden Inu youkai, Flower of the Court, sister to Nigai (deceased)
    Lord Akarui – father to the golden Inu (deceased)
    Lady Kagayaki – mother to the golden Inu (deaceased)
    Araumi- Ikuchi sorceress
    Leiko – Inu youkai, follower of Kaika (deceased)
    Ikojina – Inu youkai, former housekeeper (deceased)

    Seisui – water youkai, Master of Hounds
    Akuma – black shadow hound, Kemuri’s sire
    Luna – white shadow hound, Kemuri’s mother

    Masi – squirrel youkai, The Right Hand of Death, an assassin of the Invisible Brotherhood
    Masaki - son
    Manami – daughter (deceased)

    Wakana – crane youkai, plays Biwa
    Yuri – wind youkai, mate to Senpū, nice courtier, outside Kaika’s circle of influence.
    Master Chizu –Tengu map maker
    Wai – Inu governess.

    Siat - bull youkai, charged with seeing to the gates of the keep

    Iyashi - wind youkai - court healer

    Orochi- minister of finance (deceased)
    Nigai – inu youkai and Koshaku (marquess) of the Taiyo no shiro (castle of the sun)(deceased)
    Ryusui- Otter, Minister of the Scroll and a danshaku (baron)
    Senchineru – dark Inu youkai, Commander
    Matsu – eagle youkai, Captain of the Guard
    Jettobasu – water youkai, Oversees the Nami no shiro for the twins (castle of waves
    Noka – land youkai, Minister of agriculture
    Omoshiroi – kitsune, Minister of Justice
    Rōrī – owl youkai, Minister of Public Request
    Unzari – Inu youkai, Shishaku (viscount) Mori no Shiro (forest castle)
    Senpū – wind youkai, Hakushaku (earl) to the Dāku vu~arē no shiro (castle of the dark valley) - mate to Yuri
    Mujina – badger, Minister of Ceremonies and a danshaku (baron)

    Meiyo no Gado – Kafele Tribe

    Ippu & Juhi – Inu youkai cousins, Jackal forms

    Youkai Village

    Moeru-hi – earth youkai, hair combs and enchanted jewellery

    Kyota - father kitsune, solider
    Miyako –mate
    Yimako – daughter

    Nephila – golden orb weaver spider youkai, creator of demon silk
    Yamamayu – silk moth youkai, Master of Silkmoth and mate to Nephila
    Aya – golden orb weaver youkai, niece to Nephila

    Hinji – crow youkai – basket/paper shop
    Furōtingu – swan youkai, youngest daughter of the village inn keeper


    Lady Hana - the first kirin
    Yozora - Black kirin
    Shukaku - Brown kirin
    Shima - white kirin and Shukaku's mate
    Choro - elder kirin

    Dark Inu

    Senchineru – Dark Inu Beta to InuYasha
    Senichi – father (deceased)
    Lady Berubetto – mother
    Chikara – brother, heir to the Southern Inu lands
    Eimin – sister
    Kuro-sa – youngest brother
    Tarou – head of the dark Inu guard, descendant of the light heart (dark Inu soul bonded pair)
    Naoki – brother, guard
    Eri - guard
    Seikoko – swordsmith like Totosai

    Assorted Lords and Daiyoukai

    Baghinder – Tiger Prince, India trader

    Yutukana Shukaku – land daiyoukai
    Cai-Tan - warrior for Yutukana

    Master Rōyakan – forest guardian, large wolf youkai

    Enkurēbo – southern isle Inu daiyoukai
    Chūjitsuna – daughter (disinherited) - intended mate to Shinrin
    Ming and Ling - snow monkeys, servants of Chūjitsuna

    Lord Inoshi – boar youkai

    Lord Yudaina – Horse Lord - relation to Jinenji
    Lady Nagareru – mate
    Taneuma – son

    Lord Baipa – snake Lord
    Lady Hachurui – mate
    Doku – ambassador to the snake tribe

    Lord Usagi – rabbit daiyoukai
    Lady Sumairu - daughter

    Shippo's Family

    Lady Hōshakō – aunt, seven tailed kitsune
    Master Chie – uncle, seven tailed kitsune
    Haitatsunin – cousin three tailed kitsune


    Lord Unarigoe – Lord of the Panther Tribe
    Nya – pale panther, daughter and next in line to rule, mate of Buruto
    Ashi - sister to Nya
    Lord Surassho – black panther, Lord of lower rank (deceased)
    Buruto – brown panther, Nya’s mate
    Pyuma - grey panther

    Shika (Deer)

    Kariudo, Lord of the East - daiyoukai
    Kane – mate, tombo (dragonfly)
    Sine- shika youkai, personal guard for Kane
    Tsuikyuu – Stag Lord of the Forest, of the same magic as the wisps in the wards

    Dragons (Hierarchy – Fire-Earth-Water-Wind)

    Shirubāsutōn, Lady of the North – earth dragon, Leader of the Stone Weyr
    Ganryuu/Kohei – brother, earth dragon, Heir to the North, second in command, the Collector
    Drago & Manto – drake youkai, soldiers (deceased)
    Mei-Long – drake youkai, dragon ambassador – smaller variety of drake
    Jeido – (hihebi) fire serpent pet and messenger
    Ryūkotsusei - wind water daiyoukai, (deceased) killed by InuYasha
    Reddozan – last fire daiyoukai, (deceased) killed by Ryūkotsusei
    Toru – youngest son, Kagome's ancestor (deceased)
    Takeshi – hanyou son, previous soul bonded pair (deceased)
    Chiyoko- ice dragon, mate to Takeshi, previous soul bonded pair (deceased)


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