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    Hi, This account is an extention of my fanfcition.net account, since I sometimes like to write fanfics that are not allowed on that site. Therefore, I'm going to be lazy and just copy and paste my profile from ff.net to here lol.

    Pen name: Honest-Beauty or just Bea if you'd like

    Real name: Naomi

    Age: 24

    NOTE* I am a full time student in college, going for my BS in chemical engineering, I have a wonderful fiancé with whom I like to spend a lot of time so even though I may have some stories not done, or finished ones readers want me to write more on, I am rather busy, so except glacial speed when it comes to story updates -_-'

    Where I live: that's for me to know, and you to wonder ;p. but I will say I'm in the continental USA

    Other sites I have accounts on: http://honest-beauty.deviantart.com/

    Couples I support:


    Usagi/Mamoru of Sailor Moon

    Senshi/Shitennou (MZ, VK, MJ, JN) of Sailor Moon

    Chibiusa/Helios of Sailor Moon

    Michiru/Haruka of Sailor Moon

    Inuyasha/Kagome of Inuyasha

    Miroku/Sango of Inuyasha

    Sesshomaru/Kagura and/or Sesshomaru/Rin of Inuyasha

    Hikaru/Lanits MKR

    Umi/Ascot of MKR

    Fuu/Ferio of MKR

    Caldina/Lafarga of MKR

    Maron/Chiaki of KKJ

    Fin/Access of KKJ

    Jean d'Arc/Noin Claude of KKJ

    Winry/Edward of FMA

    Karin/Kenta of Karin

    Maki/Winner of Karin

    Akane/Ranma of Ranma


    Dana/Terry of Batman Beyond

    Max/Jared of Batman Beyond


    Jak/Keira of Jak and Daxter

    Daxter/Tess of Jak and Daxter

    Torn/Ashelin of Jak and Daxter

    Zelda/Link of LoZ (I like the OoT the best)


    Ginny/Harry of Harry Potter

    Hermione/Ron of Harry Potter

    Movies, Disney:

    Rapunzel/Eugene of Tangled

    Ariel/Eric of TLM

    Aurora/Phillip of Sleeping Beauty

    Belle/Adam(Beast) of BatB

    Cinderella/Charming of Cinderella

    Jane/Tarzan of Tarzan

    Megara/Hercules of Hercules

    Jasmine/Aladdin of Aladdin

    Kida/Milo of Atlantis

    Tiana/Naveen of tPatF

    Snow White/Charming of Snow White

    Pocahontas/John Smith of Pocahontas

    Esmeralda/Phoebus of HoND

    Mulan/Shang of Mulan

    Jesse/Buzz of Toy Story

    Bo Peep/Woody of Toy Story

    Nala/Simba of Lion King

    Amelia/Delbert of Treasure Planet

    Movies, Non-Disney:

    Odette/Derek of Swan Lake

    Anastasia/Dimitri of Anastasia

    Thumbelina/Cornelius of Thumbelina

    Crysta/Zak of Fern Gully

    Kayley/Garrett of Quest for Camelot

    Live Action Movies:

    Neytiri/Jake of Avatar

    Leia/Han of Star Wars

    Christine/Raoul of PotO

    (I'll add others as I see fit)

    Couples in do NOT support and will not write fics on:

    Usagi/anyone who is not Mamoru especially Seiya

    Mamoru/anyone that isn't Usagi

    Oh what the heck anything that doesn't agree with the pairings in like, in won't read and don't support. But if you want to write about them and support all the more power to you! Just don't ask me to read it k?

    Shout out to my cousin, Crimson Firefall, loves you and I miss you!! (We live hundreds of miles apart, sniff) and now Iggy and in live hundreds of miles apart as well T_T

    Thanks to all of my readers and reviewers. I have FINISHED 'The End...Or is it the Beginning?' (formerly 'Reunion of Love and the Revealment of the Senshi'). This story is set in the manga, just after everyone is sent back to earth from the Galaxy Cauldron but before (and later after) the bed scene. The inner senshi reunite with the Shitennou and Pluto and Saturn find their lovers. my story will end with the official coronation of the queen and king. 19 Chapters and about 40 pages all told. this was first fic and I was only 15 when I thought of it. So be kind about the plot and Shitennou's characters okay. just read my newer fics, in have improved with my plot making and writing quite a bit. NOTE: I’m no longer satisfied with the story, and no longer like the idea of it enough to make a 2.0 version of it like I did to 'Taking Charge'. so thanks for any constructive review but nothing happening to it.

    I've also FINISHED 'Taking Charge', which was formally 'Super Sailor Chibimoon aka Super Sailor Moon', AND finished the 2.0 version. This fanfic is about Chibiusa having to take her mother's place at the end of super s and a romance between her and Helios. Cross between the anime and manga with my own twist. 10 Chapters and 42 pages all told.

    Note: the original Taking Charge will be on my deviantart.com account at: http://honest-beauty.deviantart.com/ I have uploaded a "new and improved" version, one that doesn't make me sound like a fifth grader that got D's in English >.

    And because I'm silly, I've finished and posted two alternate endings to Light-Eco-Sage's War of the Champions (https://www.fanfiction.net/s/2929326/1/War-Of-The-Champions), which is based on the PS2 game Jak 3. I highly recommend that you read WotC and the prequel to it: Back To You (based on Jak II). the two alt. endings are titled 'Stopping Time' and 'Bringing Him Back'. Of course you need to have read at least WotC up to ch 40 to understand it. I suggest you read Back To You, then WotC (all of it) and THEN my two fanfics.

    I've finished a one shot fanfic based on the 2004 movie, Phantom of the Opera (cue Phantom's theme in the background). It is a 1st person POV from Raoul POV from the last part of the movie. It is a Raoul and Christine fanfic, NOT Phantom and Christine.

    I've started a new Sailor Moon fanfic: Born of Wind and Ocean. and OMG, I’m almost finished, finally! only one chapter left! Scratch that! IT IS FINISHED!! WHOOTNESS! It's an H/M fic and I'm trying something new with this one! It is going to be my first fanfic NOT based on an actual event in the anime/manga/game/movie aka an AU. I also wrote out the entire plot BEFORE beginning, so I don't meander off or lose track of the story. the plot Haruka is a winged girl living in solitude when an attack by two brothers allows her to meet and fall in love with Michiru, a 'mermaid'. adventure, romance, drama and a little angst ensue as the two are pitted against the two afore mentioned brothers, the military, the general public (not so much in this department) and two people from Haruka's past she wishes she would never have to meet again, trying to find their place in life.

    I've finished Reaching Him, my first ever Harry Potter fic! anyway it's a Harry/Ginny fic, an alt. middle for HBP. read my summary for more info. please, please PLEASE leave a review as well.

    I've finished a sequel to Taking Charge. Still a Helios/Serenity (Princess Lady Serenity dummies) romance fic. there will be two versions: a lemon and a lemony scented one, both of which are complete. Set in Crystal Tokyo and it's Serenity's birthday. and the senshi and her parents have cooked up a little surprise for serenity. A surprise that involves a potion, a dream, and Helios. But there's a catch, Helios is hiding something, something that could end his life if he follows the senshi's plans. The title is 'The Perfect Night' and 'To Make a Dream Come True' (I know the second title is Disneyesque and lame, but it was the best I could come up with at that moment. If someone has an idea for a better title, please tell me!) Both are now posted. I think that there aren't enough Helios/Serenity lemony fics, esp adult Helios/Serenity. NOTE: due to some constructive criticism, I’m going back and editing both stories so that the plot is more believable :) no promises on when it'll be up though... ALSO: The lemon version ('The Perfect Night') will be moved to a second site, and a link provided in 'To Make a Dream Come True', since ff.net has been cracking down on content.

    Have two new fic ideas. one is a LoZ OoT fic, centering on Link and Zelda. more on that later. The second is a Karin fic, set after end of anime, based off anime and is a Karin/Kenta fic. I.Plead.Ignorance won't let me think or write on these two seed fics until I get BoWaO done. Which in did so yay! pout oh well. oh the titles are Blood, Unhappiness and Embarrassment (Karin) and Seven Years Difference (LoZ) (umm, idk if I’ll ever get this one done).

    the Karin/Kenta fic is done, but Iggy (my dear muse) won't let me post it until she has completed editing it. muufie >_> well, she let me post it b/c she read and beta'd it, but only parts of it.

    I recently finished watching Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne and have finished a one shot centering on Maron and Chiaki. That would be my fic 'Chiaki's Promise: I WILL Protect Maron!' have another fanfic idea for KKJ too, and I’m writing on that.

    KKJ Snippets is the afore mentioned fic and two chapters are up on that.

    UPDATE: So less than a week till college starts again, and this is my last year!!! anyway I’m a bad girl because in keep coming up with more and more plot skeletons and not actually writing them out >.

    Here is a list of the Plot Skeletons I have rattling around, impatiently waiting to be fleshed out. Some of them due to content will only be partially posted on ff.net, and the rest of them will be posted elsewhere with links.

    “Flower Bloom” – Tangled; an alternate sequel to the talented Miss Quartermain’s story “Flower Glow” (https://www.fanfiction.net/s/6577850/1/Flower-Glow) with her permission.

    “Switching It Up” – Ranma

    “Courage” – Treasure Planet

    “What If?” – Aladdin

    “Second Chance” – Fern Gully

    “Deep Water” – Batman Beyond

    “The Fake” – Batman Beyond

    “Personal” – Batman Beyond

    Till next time I update, ja ne!

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