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    From NY (no, not NYC).

    I love reading stories about M/M, Master/Slave, kidnapping/abductions, forced slavery, and non-con.  That doesn't mean I condone such things in real life of course.  Doing stuff like that to another human being is NOT okay.  But in the fantasy world of books and stories, why not? :)

    All of my stories will include M/M, Master/Slave, kidnapping/abductions, forced slavery, and non-con.  While I like reading sweet M/M stories as well, it's not what I like to write.  So, if that isn't what you're into, I'm probably not the author for you. ;)

    When/if you read my stuff, please leave a review/comments.  I'd greatly appreciate it.  I really like to know how others are responding to my stories, or if they are liking them at all.  Tell me what you like, don't like, if I made a mistake, etc.  But please, constructive criticism only... don't just comment to tell me it's an awful story.  That won't help me build my writing skills.

    Just so everyone is aware, I tend to keep a schedule of posting chapters every Sunday.  So, please don’t keep checking every day and being disappointed that there isn’t a new chapter. 

    I will always finish my stories before posting them.  There are way, way too many unfinished stories out there, and I don’t want to do that to my readers.  I honestly don’t know how some people can go from posting to posting, writing each chapter one at a time.  I like knowing it’s finished and I don’t have to hurry to write a new chapter to post every week. :)

    Well, thanks for checking me out!  Hope you enjoy my stories! :)

    Disclaimer: All of my stories are original fiction stories. Any resemblance to anyone alive or dead or any other fictional character is purely coincidental. The author holds exclusive rights to this work. Unauthorized duplication/distribution is prohibited.

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