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    Author of Star Rebels, an original series where Earth becomes a fiefdom of theocratic microstates, and Jaimie Scott leads a party to escape Earth to establish the Star Republic.  (Too many plot bunnies forced the separate stories)

    SR: Jefferey -- Short story, following Jeff's early years in Pine Valley.

    SR: Jeff's Warriors -- Jeff's Sophomore year at Billy Graham High School, in Portland.  He finds himself having to coach his gym class teammates in order to enjoy the respite the teacher unwittingly provides him.

    Jeff's story will evolve, likely spinning off more stories, as this allows me to explore some of the mechanics of the SR universe, more so than I can from Jaimie's POV.

    SR: Dolbourne Chronicles -- In progress, encompasses the early life of Jaimie and his close friends.

    SR: Alaska Trekkers -- Occurs during the summer of Fiends, tells the story of how several people came about to joining the Fiends.

    SR: Fiends -- Jaimie and friends work to build their ark. (This will replace the original Star Rebels.  

    SR: (TBD) -- The Ark

    The Phone -- outtake, Halloween special, 

    The Phone, Part II -- outtake, Holiday special, 

    Mistletoe Hanging -- outtake, Holiday special,

    p.s.  these stories should be independently readable w/o reading the other stories.  If you find it's not, please let me know.


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    Alternate pen name: Dragon Voldemort (of another site that shall-not-be-named.


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