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    Also known as kaito136 on FFN. I don't write adult fanfics although I read them some times. If you want to read my works, head over to FFN and find me under this username. So far I've written for FFX-2, K-ON and Madoka Magica. I'm planning to write on Angel Beats! and FFX as well. All yuri!

    A regular reader, frequent reviewer, once-in-awhile author.

    I came here for FFX/FFX-2 yuri fics. Honestly, I prefer stories with plots and character development than mindless sex, which happens too often here. But there's a huge lack of FFX/X-2 materials to read, therefore, I ended up here.

    I'm probably among the very rare shippers of YuRi (Yuna x Rikku ; FFX/FFX-2), HomuSaya (Homura x Sayaka ; Madoka Magica), Tainakano (Ritsu x Azusa ; K-ON!) and Iwasako (Iwasawa x Hisako ; Angel Beats!). But whatever. I love them, I ship them. And I'll convert whoever who comes by me and take over the world together with all these unconventional shippings.

    Also, I don't give a shit about YuRi being incest. Rikku is obsessed over Yuna and damn they're so touchy. Paine x Rikku is cute, but the opposites attract gets boring after awhile. I'm sorta into Kyousaya (Kyouko x Sayaka ; Madoka Magica) as well because the whole fandom ships them and well... The materials out there is cute enough to make me love them.

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