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    Name: Cat

    Age: Old Enough

    Gender: Female

    Orientation: Asexual

    Country: United States

    State: Alabama

    Occupation: College Student

    Career Dream: Scriptwriter + Author



    My Hobbies: Writing {Obviously}, Drawing, Reading, Gaming, Singing, Watching Anime, Reading Manga.. I could go on forever.

    Favorite Book Genres: Fantasy, Vampire, Romance, Erotica, Sci-fi.

    Favorite Book Authors: L.A. Banks, Anne Rice and Laurell K Hamilton - Who I got my inspritation from to start writing.

    Favorite Anime Genres: Yuri, Yaoi, Supernatural, Shounen Ai, Shojo, Shounen, Vampire, School Life, Bishounen, Ninjas, Thriller, ect. There are too many to write down.

    Favorite Anime: Vampire Knight {Both Seasons}, Kuroshitsuji {Both Seasons}, Naruto, Naruto Shippuden {Still Watching o .o God, will it ever end? xD}, Blood +, Blood-C, Rainbow, Air Gear, KHR, OHSHC, 07-Ghost, Free!, Ai no Kusabi, Antique Bakery, Black Blood Brothers, Death Note, - These are just a few.

    Favorite Music: Rock, J-Rock, K-Pop, Pop, Hip-Hop, - Mostly Variety.













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