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    Hi reader! I'm Kass, the writer of The Human Rayce and its awesome spinoffs! I do write only original work, mostly M/M slashfic and all my stories take place in the same universe, with a lot of character overlap, so you might find your faves in another one! I write action, humor, fantasy (although I experiment with genres) and sex, not in any particular order. 

    Hey Kass, yeah that's great and all but WTF? How am I supposed to read your work?

    Chronologically, The Human Rayce is last in the timeline, with all the others serving as character spinoffs about their lives before the events of THR, and you'll notice characters running around in each other's stories. BUT, you by no means have to read one to enjoy the other because they're all separate works. So read one, read two, read all of them if you want! Either way, I seriously hope you enjoy my stuff and thanks so much for visiting!

    You can totally email me at vxkassxv@gmail.com, I love talking to fellow community members.

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