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    I am Allyrion, man of the world.

    As I continue through this vale of tears and sorrows, I write these stories to continue both my own quest of repression and to get past my writer's block. I write about what I want, when I want, and that will be hard to change.

    Reading smut and self-gratification is socially frowned upon but hurts no one. I hope someone somewhere finds pleasure in my stories. If even a single soul does, it was worth me posting them than hiding them away like I have so long.

    Exceptionally welcome are accompanying graphics of the situations in my stories. Words are great, but pictures add an extra dimension, the visual compounding the imaginative. I can credit such people that offer it in my opening blurbs and promise them their own prompts will not be forgotten.

    This is the same name I write on both and Archive of our Own. Still have yet to decide which site I prefer the most.

    Happy reading.

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