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    Hello there!

    Welcome to my AdultFanFiction profile my fellow reader and/or writer! Hope you enjoy your stay here and please, feel free to read and review my stories whenever you want xD

    Name: UVS, for now :)

    Country: Argentina. Hence, my English may not be that good since it's not my native language. I apologize in advance for that.

    Age: Not important at the moment!

    I started writing fan fiction about three years ago, and I confess that my first attempt at that was pretty horrible, if not disgusting. However, isn't by trial and error that we all learn to improve? I want to believe that I got somewhat better at it. But like I say, only you, my dear readers, are the ones to judge that.

    I'm truly grateful to those who give me encouragement and advice. Hadn't it been by you, I would have never evolved from the awful writer I was to the more or less decent one I am now. I will never forget that, and as a repayment I'll try not to disappoint you in my works.

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