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    Updated: Tuesday, October 15, 2013

    Hiya! I'm Sarah! Well, here's some info about me.

    Description of Sarah
    The Authoress

    Name: Sarah
    Age: 25
    Birthday: November 7, 1987
    Hair color: brown
    Eye color: left: blue right: brown

    Pets in my household

    species: domestic dog
    breed: Great Pyranese
    age: 1 year
    fur coloration: mostly white with sparse patches of beige and cinnamon

    species: domestic dog
    breed: Shih-Tzu
    age: 5 years
    fur coloration: white undercoat with a variosu shades of brown on his ears and back.

    species: domestic cat
    breed: Siamese
    age: 13
    fur coloration: he's a chocolate-point Siamese; google image it.

    Timmy and Sly are mine and my parents babies while Kinai belongs to my niece who's living with us. My niece, and her twin, are two weeks older than me.

    Also, i have some fanfics on at this location: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/527021/ AFF will host my mature content stories. I've got lighter stuff over at fanfiction.net.

    My OTPs (One True Pairings) are Klaus/Caroline and Damon/Elena from Vampire Diaries. My current rave/fandom is Vampire Diaries. Going alongside it will be The Originals, the spin-off of Vampire Diaries, once i watch the first episode and get a few more episodes into the season.

    I tend to have trouble keeping my muse up. If i start having trouble with my muse for a story that i have on here, i'll post a topic in the forums to ask for inspiration. Before you start posting random ideas, read the story the topic is about and try to keep it in line with the storyline i'm creating. I'm not really a fan of playing Round Robin with stories, so don't bother trying to pull me into one.

    If I co-write a fic with someone, i do it through emails and either let them post it or I post it myself. I give part-credit to my co-writer, and they give part-credit to me. If I have a Beta helping me with a fanfic, I give them credit as my Beta. Just letting you know so that if you want to co-write something with me or wanna be my Beta, you know you will get credit for your help.

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