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    Hi! I'm DemonMiko, and I've been writing general fanfiction since 2006. I have many OTP's regarding numerous anime that I adore to either read about or watch. I just graduated from High school back in june (summer school blech) and I am now trying to both apply for college and find work. I post numerous genres of fictions, dependant on the mood I am in. I also have a habit of writing fictions that have a few OC's paired with a canon character,which I know can get on some peoples nerves, which is why I am saying this now: I loathe complaints about canonxOC stories, because writing those types of stories are what inspire me to eventually begin creating my own worlds and storylines. If you'd ever like to contact me, my email is and I'd be more than happy to write any type of request (as long as you don't mind me doing research if the request is for a show I have yet to see. (watching it)


    Name: Just call me Demon, Aki, whatever floats your boat. (i do love the name Sarah and have a special preference for it...going to legally change my name to that once I have the money)

    SO: Mass Pansexual
    Relationship Status: Taken
    E/C: Brown
    H/C: Coppery-brown. (Look at a photo of David Tennant. It's that color


    ~I was born February 20th. 
    ~I was born in California.
    ~It is impossible for me to write without my music.
    ~I speak Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and I'm working on Greek 
    ~My favorite colors are red, black, and blue.

    ~I draw, and take commissions, just email me!
    ~I LOVE Anime


    ~Sword Art Online
    ~Axis Powers: Hetalia
    ~Devil May Cry
    ~FullMetal Alchemist
    ~Vampire Knight
    ~School Rumble
    ~D. Grayman

    ~Bleach: Shattered Blade
    ~Devil May Cry (All but 5 ==)
    ~Digimon World DS
    ~Naruto (All)
    ~Need For Speed (All)

    ~Harry Potter Series [JK Rowling]
    ~The Immortals Series [Alyson Noel]
    ~Vampire Academy Series [Richelle Mead]

    ~The Infernal Devices/The Mortal Instruments [Cassandra Clare]


    ~Kazuto Kirigaya (Kirito)
    ~Kurosaki Ichigo
    ~Abarai Renji
    ~Urahara Kisuke
    ~Kuchiki Byakuya
    ~Ishida Uryuu
    ~Grimmjow Jeaggerjaques
    ~Hitsugaya Toshiro
    ~Ukitake Jushiro 
    ~Shunsui Kyoraku
    ~Hisagi Shuuhei
    ~Ichimaru Gin
    ~Kira Izuru
    ~Heiwajima Shizuo
    ~Orihara Izaya
    ~Gokudera Hayato
    ~Yamamoto Takeshi
    ~Sawada Tsunayoshi
    ~Kiryuu Zero

    ~Shinra Kishitani
    ~Heracles Karpusi (Greece)
    ~Alfred F. Jones (America)
    ~Arthur Kirkland (England)
    ~Ivan Braginski (Russia)
    ~Feliciano Vargas (N. Italy)
    ~Ludwig Beilschmidt (Germany)
    ~Dante Sparda
    ~Vergil Sparda

    ~Allen Walker


    And just because a lot of people I know constantly complain about copyrights...


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