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    I've been a comic book fan since the late '60's, particularly of DC Comics, though I dabble in everything else.  As fate would have it, I'm also a highly-published Internet erotica writer, editor and publisher.  So this seems like a great place for me to share the stories that I'd get in trouble for if I sold them for profit.

    I've written over a hundred short stories ranging from R-rated erotica to hard-edge bondage and BDSM fiction, and I've co-written and edited many more. I'm in the process of writing my first full-length novel, Families, which expands on the characters and concepts touched on in the published stories "The Alcove" and "Becoming Eternal."

    I'm a breast man by nature, so my stories lean toward erotic breast punishment--making Wonder Woman and Catwoman ideal subjects for the first stories I'll publish here.  I'm looking forward to reading everyone else's work and interacting with this community. Please, feel free to track me down if you like.

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