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    Okay, what’s people? I’ve been meaning to make a profile to lay down some general information for a while now but I guess I’ve finally gotten around to.

    First of all, if you’re a fan of my stories and have come here looking for what else I might have written than thank you. I’ve met with fairly positive reception since I began posting fanfiction so I’m happy to see other people so happy. That’s been my main goal even before starting and the wonderful words you all have given me continue to inspire and encourage me even when I’m struggling to update.

    Update Information:

    Speaking of updates, I’m sure a few of you are looking at me and wondering if I have a blindfold and a dart board and that’s how I decide what to update, but I am here to tell you this is not the case. Generally when I start a story, I rarely plan to follow with an update unless it’s already been written. The way I write is that I work on a story when its interesting to me and stop when I get stuck to go work on something else. What this usually leads to is a long, long break between updates, but when I do start posting they come out one after the other. Sorry if this seems stressful, or you want one story in particular to be updated but other than Ron’s Toys, of which I am adamant to finish, I can’t promise regular chapter production. Maybe I can add another story to my bi-monthly update schedule once I’ve gotten comfortable with just the one, but right now all I can ask is for your patience.

    About Me:

    I’ll leave this brief because talking about myself is super awkward. At the moment I am college student about to get his two year degree in creative writing. I enjoy writing adult themed material, usually themed towards harem like structures. A big fan of Japanese doujinshi, my writing reflects some of the themes such as Mind Control, Invisible Play, and as of today, Time Stop abilities. Some of my stories do feature Non-Consensual themes but understand I do no advocate, nor encourage violence towards women in anyway. I am here to write fantasies. That is all. And if you cannot distinguish between that and reality than I hope you are able to find a mental health professional. You might also notice that a good number of my stories advocate pregnancy in some fashion or another. Of which I can only say it’s a personal kink. My biggest goal through these stories is to create interesting, well written stories that are very different from the usual molds you would find on these websites. Only you can tell me if I’ve succeeded.


    Understand that these percentages are entirely subjective and I will try to update them each week.  Hopefully this will help some of the unease of waiting for your story to be updated. Or make it worse. Whichever. *shrugs*

    Ron’s Toys - Bi-Monthly Updates.

    Genjutsu Gone Right Chapter 3 - 70% Completion

    Sacrifice Chapter 2 - 40% Completion

    I Hate My Job Chapter 3 – 0% Completion

    Vault 69 chapter 4 – 20% Completion

    Sense of Semblance chapter 2 - 90% Completion

    Call Me Doctor chapter 2 – 80% Completion

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