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    Hi, I am phoeyay!

    I love me some slash, and I love me some yaoi too, and I am particularly obsessed with Black Butler (you'll see). I love what I love, I yam what I yam, and that's that, basically.

    I happen to be rather musically inclined, so I tend to include musical themes with my writing. Sometimes I write songfics, but usually it's more like themed chapter titles that are lyrics, or playlists to go along with the fiction and provide a 'soundtrack,' or elements from an operetta which align with the content of my fiction.

    I don't really take writing seriously - it's just a hobby for me -  but I still like mine to be good, so give me ConCrit please! Tell me specifics of what you liked, didn't like, etc. I write PWP (porn without plot) mainly - but you know what, I still consider it to be a bit of an art form. You can have slapdash mass-produced porn and you can have exquisitely constructed awesome porn. I aim to create the latter, and I put lots of love into my creations, so I hope you love them like I do.

    If I review you, I will try to make my review be pretty 'nutritious' - not just fluff, but substance and informational feedback. Please don't be insulted if I tell you to change something - on the other hand please don't feel obligated to do what I say. Your writing is your own.

    If you have something to say to me, you can click over to the forums and catch me there. I have a full life, but I will get your message... eventually.

    Anyhow, happy reading, happy writing, and whoever you are, and whatever you think, and whatever reason you're reading this profile right now, I probably love you shitless! ravuravuravu! - xoxo phoeyay

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