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    Coming out of a three year writing hiatus.  You may remember me on this site by the name of crystalomnia.  However, there were issues with the email attached to that account (as in... it no longer exists!) and I can no longer access it.  :(  

    Twenty-four and mostly an adult.

    Have written and maybe will write again: Kingdom Hearts, Harry Potter, Bleach, Final Fantasy VII, Samurai Champloo, Legend of Korra, Metalocalypse, Assassin's Creed

    Likes: SSC BDSM, blondes, yaoi, happy endings, good guys, bad guys, good guys and bad guys getting it on, sex pollen, redeemable characters, canon het, make up sex, fuck or die situations, fox faced characters

    Dislikes: character bashing, bad grammar/spelling, OOCness, flames, first person shooters, high school or band AUs

    What you can expect from me in the near future: Amon/Korra like woah

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