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    I have decided to start an account on this site do to the restrictions being pushed over on Fanfiction.net. I will be posting stories that I write on both sites, but this one will by more my style. Hardly any restrictions here concerning any kind of sexual content. But enough of that and more about myself. (^.^)

    I go by "Dora" and I live in Kentucky (for now at least). I am a Harry Potter fan, but i do enjoy reading and writing some Twilight. My favorite anime are Naruto, Bleach, Inuyasha, ETC...

    I am really into anything Japanese and I am currently learning the language. I listen to mostly Visual Kei bands such as-The GazettE, Girugamesh, Alice Nine, Lynch, SuG, Versailles, Dir En Grey, D=OUT, D'espairsRay, ETC...

    I really enjoy seeing reviews and/or comments for my stories, so please feel free. I just ask any reviewers to be gentle, no harsh comments please. I enjoy hearing what others have to say, after all it will only help me to better my skills as a writer.


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