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    I will often sign messages with my first name : Kayla.


    Favorite ships :

    First of all, a little warning. I don't tolerate hate for any ships. If it's something you like, that's your right. Just because I don't ship them doesn't mean you shouldn't. I also don't hate any ships, even if it's something inappropriate/illegal (incest, beastiality, etc.) because it's still someone's ship, otherwise they wouldn't have written it.

    If you love a certain ship or we share a ship or whatever, please send recommendations, even if it's your own story. I always read, but keep in mind, I usually always critique and it's not always considered nice.

    I won't have any slash or femslash pairings listed because I'm very particular about the specific stories and storylines I read. If you want to recommend one, do so, but I'm not going to have them listed. I have NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING against slash or femslash. It's just the way I read. Once again, I say I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST THEM! Is that clear?

    With that in mind, here are some of my favs.

    X-men : Evolution : That list is never ending, but my favorite canon pairing is Jott. If anyone knows me, they should know that I LOVE non-canon pairings just because they ooze creativity. That should cover everything! XD

    X-men : The Movie : Okay, no slash or femslash in this one for me. Once again, I have nothing against it, but it's just not what I like when it comes to this category. I'm definitely not opposed to student-teacher relationships and villains with heroes is amazing.

    Wolverine and the X-men There really isn't much to choose from here as the show only lasted for a season, but the other X-men fandom pairings of mine work in this one too.

    Harry Potter : I love reading (in no particular order, but italic are my favs) Remione, Simione, Snamione, Fremione, Ronks, Harmony, Dramione, Lucissa, Renny, Rena, Bimione.

    The Avengers : I love Natasha and Clint and Natasha and Bruce.

    Morganville Vampires : AmeliexOliver is my favorite, but I also love AmeliexSam, MichaelxClaire, EvexShane, ClairexOliver.

    Hunger Games : FinnickxAnnie, FinnickxKatniss, AnniexGale, GalexKatniss, PeetaxDelly, GalexMadge, EffiexHaymitch and KatnissxHaymitch are some that I like reading.

    House of Night : DragonxAnastasia are indefinitely my favorite and will stay that way for eternity. I also like ZoeyxStark, DragonxLenobia, LenobiaxTravis, Stevie RaexRephaim, and...yeah. That does it.

    Vampire Academy : DimitrixRose, ChristianxRose, AdrianxLissa, AdrianxJill, ChristianxJill, and StanxRose.

    Sky High : WarrenxLayla, WarrenxFreeze Girl, WillxLayla, MagentaxZach

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