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    Hi, thanks for choosing my profile and stories


    Age: 21

    Gender: Female

    Favorite Color: Metalic and Neon Pink and Purple

    Favtorite Food: Apples and Chicken

    Favorite type of music: Rock anything realla

    Favorite anime: Too many to count!

    Favorite Game: Resident Evil, Pokemon, Devil May Cry, Kingdom Hearts and Fable

    Favorite Animal: Wolves

    Interesting Facts:

    - I can write with both hands, though I tend to use my left more though.

    - I have ADD(Sucks cause I can't finish chapter stories)

    - I speak German, Spanish, Japanese, French and Chinese. (All not fluent, except German)

    - I'm German, Irish, Black Foot Indian, Cheroke, Apachee Indian, I'm English and Scottish also!

    - I can unwrap a Starburst wrapper with just my tongue!

    - I'm engaged and have a little girl (her name's Avenly)

    - I've been writing since I was little.

    - I'm hyper as hell and I tend to jump to conclusions easily!

    -I live in IL (worst state ever)

    -Grew up in the country.

    - I still have the same Pikachu I got in second grade! It's almost 3 feet tall. His name is Zappy!

    Yup, that's all I can think of!


    What to say about myself...let's see I'm a girl. I like to write and watch anime.  I love to write off character pairings. Um, I love making and reading crack fiction. 

    I take requests no matter what anime or game it is. 

    I'm also a huge gamer

    Favorite authors:

    -V.c Andrews

    -Jane Austin

    -Edgar Allen Poe

    -Nora Roberts

    -Anne Rice

    -Dean Coots

    -Stephanie Myers

    Favorite Poets

    -Edgar Allen Poe

    -Robert Frost

    -Gwendolyn Brookes

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