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    For some reason, I feel impelled to say here: "I like to move it move it." I freely admit to being a little insane.

    My author name was inspired by the great Electronic Dance Music (EDM) DJ called deadmau5, pronounced "dead mouse". So if you want to say my name, it's "magic mouse." I'm not actually a mouse, and I am no magician, but I do like deadmau5 and EDM.

    How to contact me:

    Send a message on LINE to user ID magicmau5, send me a message on Discord at magicmau5#4674 or email me at You can also check me out on mangago at All my social networking info is there.


    If you're on the Hype Machine, my user name is magicmau5, I add a "soundtrack" to the stories here, just because I usually listen to music as I read and/or write. The music chosen is always related to the characters and plot.


    Crave - The first story I wrote for AFF; it's loosely based on my experiences. It's designed to be a warning to people trying to lose weight the quick and dirty way.

    I decided to delete the story stubs that I never finished. I think I may repost them once I finish writing them..


    If you're interested in learning Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin), Korean, or French, I moderate group chats for each language on the social networking app LINE. Send me a message on LINE to be invited. The website for the Japanese group chat is and the website for the Chinese group chat is I haven't yet made a website for the Korean or French group chats.

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