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    Hello folks! My pen name is a lady with a name and I love to explore the art of writing. Self description of my likes: I love different cultures, maybe that is why I like writing. I am interested in history, religion, sociology and psychology. I am a middle aged single mother of two teenagers and we share allot of our interests in the household.(of course not the adult end). In high school, I had one year of photography, 3 years of art, 3 years of literature and poetry. I was also in choir for 4 years and my family shares interests here too. Trumpet, piano, guitar and of course singing. I love watching or participating with self expression and learing more about the world around us. I feel alot can be gained through learning how to embrace the differences we have and how to create better from what we have in common.

    Favorite movie: None in particular. I love my options. I am more prone to enjoy fictional movies that have some truth base to them,(thought provoking), adventure,( I love watching things blow up), spiritual or religious based movies,(demonic possession, excursions, etc.), some girlie movies and always humour. I am not a fan of Will Farrell,(sp), I do not like cheesy dumb movies that think they are funny,(maybe I am old).

    Favorite books: Historical, spiritual, psychological and I read tons of fan fiction stories. Robert Frost was a child hood favorite of mine that I used to share with my grandmother.

    Favorite color: Green actually. Deep dark forest green

    Favorite environment: I grew up near/part of the Mt. Hood National Forest. I love the peaceful surroundings of nature. I love log cabins, snowy mountains, farm animals,(moo), etc.

    Self described: Passionate, ambitious, one track minded, tempermental, anxious, loving, nurturing, kind, respectful.

    Education level: Elementry, middle and high school, of course. Some college completed already. I am currently finishing a degree in human services.


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