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    • "Hello! This is your personal horror WHORE ... "

    • -- bandit, stealer of stories, thief of technique, robber of readership.

    • " ... Anyway! I live, eat, sleep, drink, smoke ..."

    • -- steal, plagiarize, and advertise said plagiarism and thievery.  I now live in AFF's Hall of Shame, immortalized for my horrific actions.

    • "So, yeah. Busy bitch. I've loved reading ..."

    • and robbing other's fanfics.

    • " ... I'd like to dredge up some time to maybe work on my writing skills. (Hint: don't have any)"

    • -- Obviously as I had to steal someone else's story, without permission, to continue it, which is plagiarism, but I didn't care. I didn't care so much, and I understood I was stealing the story too, hence the title:  NOES 9:  The Dream Messenger Stolen and Edited
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