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    Hola, everyone. Pretty much, due to the crackdown on FF.net on extremely explicit content, I have decided to do the responsible thing and transfer my stories to this account to avoid banning my current FF.net account. Obviously, I will keep my FF.net account open, however, any and all future chapters to my current projects will be censored. I will be posting the more explicit version here.

    My FF.net username is the same as the one on this site: LeavesofMyself. You can always look me up over there because the majority of my old stories will not be moved over to this account as most of my stories are currently completed or are on a semi-permanent hiatus.

    Thanks to all of my readers for understanding my reasons for opening this account and for following me here! Your dedication is the only reason why I still write!


    Current Story(ies) pulled from FF.net:

    No Particular Reference - A variety of drabbles and one-shots mostly about Starscream. Now opened for suggestions for future writings as well as requests. (Please note that while I upload current chapters, I will be reading them over and fixing any grammatical/syntactical/spelling errors that I might come across. Therefore chapters upload to AFF.net hold the possibility of being slightly different than the originals found on FF.net)


    My former name for FF.net was SingMyLullabySweet666 (which is why NPR will have chapters on FF.net that begin with that name), but, for purposes of my own, I had it changed to LeavesofMyself.

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