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    Most of the stuff I write is for games and animu; can't help being a weeb. Some of the real crazy stuff is for social experiments I am trying out, and just collecting data. People's reactions interest me. I will put story progess here; but don't expect me to be regular about it.  I will only update when I feel like it, or if I can finish an idea completely before moving onto something else.


    Naruto Seal Master: I've got some of the scenes planned in my head but they aren't forming a coherent story. This seems to happen to me a lot with fics; besides I will focus more on the gore than sex as I'd rather wait for Part 2 when I will age them up. Watching to see where the manga goes, cause I personally don't like the path Kishi has taken.


    Blazblue CD: I need to finish BBCP and do X-Blaze which I am waiting to do an LP for actually. Things with this might be hectic, since I would like to stick with canon while adding my own horrible ideas lol.

    SMT Noctrnje fic: Same with Naruto Seal Master; I have a bunch of disjointed scenes in my head, with some vague idea of how I want them to come together but progress is slow.


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