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    Hey all. I'm a 21 year old, half-black, half white. My writing is an outlet for sexual fantasies, and because some I think there are a lack of stories like it. I'm a huge Packer fan and I drink and party and stuff. My weirdest sexual encounter was when I had a girl over in my dorm room, and my roommate burst in already undressing his girlfriend. A four-way soon followed. Hi Five?

    I mostly write in Pokemon, but I'll branch out to a number or TV shows and cartoons. If you want to see more of my work, review, that will keep me involved in this site and interested in more stories. If you wanna hate, you're welcome to but I'll bring it back. Bam.

    If you wanna collaborate or do anything like that, I'm up for it. That usually turns out in some pretty solid sexy stuff.


    H8rs gonna H8

    Go Pack Go

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