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    I am a reader, mostly, but I've started to write. My imagination feeds off the stories of others so I don't think mine are original but its been pointed out that they are from my point of view.  If you notice some spelling oddities, I can explain it away by telling you that I'm Canadian. My word processor is set for Canadian spelling and so I don't change it when I upload, even though AFF lets me know the difference. I'm stubborn and want to retain my heritage. Anyway, See my stories if interested.

    If you check out my Recommends, Favorite Authors and Current reading list, be warned. I've given up adding to it as the process is quite cumbersome. I'm waiting for the upgrade to AFF Archives, hopefully it will make that bit easier. There are a lot more stories I'm reading and fav authors so don't despair if I didn't include you. If I've reviewed you, then, let my comments stand as testament to how I feel about your story.

    I feel disappointed when good stories are shelved.  Getting a review should not hinder the writing of the story (nor the completion).

    So far, I'm addicted to Bleach stories within the canon (including alternate timeline). I've branched out a bit into Alternate Universe with Bleach characters as long as its well written. I've tried some original writing, too. If you get a good author, it's good reading, and that goes for all them.  Kinda a nube to anime. Got hooked through my son. But I'm more hooked to the fanfics from it. 

    I'm fascinated with why het women love yaoi, being one of them. I guess its the same phenomenon of het men and F/F action. I'd rather read good descriptive sex scenes than watch porn, though, and I wouldn't equate that to a man's preference. A character's feelings/thoughts and your own imagination are what makes it more alluring. That being the truth in most cases, I have seen some damn good porn that would translate well into the written word. At least I have a source of inspiration in my mind for the next time I write smex.

    If you want to rant at me or my writing, email me. Criticism is welcomed as praise can be sweet but there's not a lot to learn from it. Can't guarantee I'd respond, I might be catatonic from the devastation to my ego, but I'll find a way to survive.

    Email: obsessity@icloud.com, or click the Forum Profile link below and PM me.

    Below is a link to the Forum for my Review replies:

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