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    (Aug. 29 2017) Hey there folks. I am really sorry about my hiatus. Life has been pretty harsh. I will try to get more updates rolling for my fictions as soon as I can. :]

    See my arts on da Tumblr! (link below)

    My fictions are only available here on!

    Names of fictions I have published:

    One Piece: "Tropic Sun" - Adventure/Fondness (Kidd x Law)

    Bleach: "Tamper" - Erotica/Visceral Violence/Angst (many parings); "Ice Melts" - Love/Fondness (Grimm x Ichi); "Desire and Lust" - Suspence/Love/Erotica (Grimm x Ichi); "A Certain Kind of Rival" - Erotica/Fondness (Grimm x Ichi); "Lives Under War" - Violence/War/Trust/Suspence (Grimm x Ichi, Grimm x Tier)

    Fullmetal Alchemist: (unlisted for now)

    Original Characters/Stories: "Run to You" - Love/Friendship/Emotional/NoSex (Lüsöh Niebal x Case[y] Collins)

    I adore writing fictions for:

    Grimm/Ichi (Bleach); Kidd/Law (One Piece); Scar/Roy (Fullmetal Alchemist); Grimm/Ulqui (Bleach); Male/Male; Male/Unusual Gender

    Other good pairings (in my opinion):

    Greed/(someone I haven't hashed out yet) (Fullmetal Alchemist); Scar/Roy (Fullmetal Alchemist); Grimm/Aiz (Bleach); Grimm/Tier (Bleach); Ichi/Renji (Bleach); Aluc/Yan (Hellsing); Vash/Wolf (Trigun); Vash/LeGato (Trigun); Senji/Ganta (Deadman Wonderland); Vege/Goku (Dragonball); Female/Male

    I make NO profits from my stories published on A-FF; I just enjoy writing. What you will read are always my own words unless credited otherwise.


    STORY WARNING LIST/PERSONAL TAG LIST: (this list, combined with the current and offical A-FF tag list, is compatiable with any story I have written - because sometimes the 'other' tag just doesn't cut it!)

    Alcohol - the mention of any alcohol

    AmpFet - Apotemnophilia/Acrotomophilia (fascination with amputations)

    Bareback - Barebacking (male on male anal sex without protection)

    Blood - the presence of any blood (not played with)

    Brutalization - Brutilization

    BugFet - Formicophilia (insects crawling on self)

    Catheter Play - Catheterophilia, use/insertion of a catheter for sexual gratification

    Crime - crime related events

    CrimeFet - Hybristophilia, sexual arousal/attraction to criminals (extreme/outrageous crimes)

    Death - characters are killed by medical incidents, violence, etc.

    DeathFet - sexual arousal from risk of being killed or killing

    Despair - a character feeling despair or sadness

    Drugs - the mention of any drug substances (medical and recreational)

    EnemaFet - Kilsmaphilia, sexual arousal from insertion of liquids into the rectum

    FearFet - sexual arousal from creating or obtaining terror or fear

    Fright - a character will experience fear or terror

    Killing - characters are deliberately eliminated by violence or brutality from another character(s)

    Lactation - Lactophilia (male or female laction)

    Latex - the wearing of or sexually utilizing latex/plastic products

    Macro - Macrophilia (fascination with giant proportions)

    MedicalFet - sexual arousal from medical or doctoral themes

    Micro - Microphilia (fascination with dwarf-like or miniscule proportions)

    Misconduct - dishonorable, shameful, or unlawful behavior between characters: much like 'mistreatment'

    Mutilation - Mutilation

    Mutual Masturbation - Mutual Masturbation

    Pain - any mention of pain

    Splosh - smearing of dirty things upon the self or others

    Rape - nonconsensual sexual contact between characters

    Rush Thrill - a character who is sexually aroused by a racy or extremely risky situation

    Vore - Voraphilia (concept of being swallowed whole)(can be imaginary)



    If you see ANY of my stories published outside of A-FF, I won't be publishing them anywhere else (not even where I do have an account with my same username) notify me.

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