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    (April 19 2018) Hey there folks. I am no longer updating my fan fictions and stories on! If this ever changes expect news on it. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Please refer to my Tumblr blog for news and updates on these fictions instead. Link below or my username is the same "FicticiousDelicious". MY WRITING IS NO LONGER A-FF EXCLUSIVE BUT THE ONLY PLACES YOU SHOULD SEE MY WRITING AND ART ARE ON MY OFFICIAL ACCOUNTS. On these other accounts my stories and fictions may appear altered, revised, and consolidated in order to comply with ToS on the given website. You can view a list of my accounts on various sites from my Tumblr page, the link is below and if the link is not working my username on Tumblr is still the same: "FicticiousDelicious". See these stories or my artwork anywhere else? It's not me. One way or another these stories will continue, I am not giving up on them. I am NOT removing or altering what I've already posted here on A-FF (unless I absolutely have to, but I doubt the need will arise).

    See my arts on da Tumblr! (link below)

    Names of fictions I have published:

    One Piece: "Tropic Sun" - Adventure/Fondness (Kidd x Law)

    Bleach: "Tamper" - Erotica/Visceral Violence/Angst (many parings); "Ice Melts" - Love/Fondness (Grimm x Ichi); "Desire and Lust" - Suspence/Love/Erotica (Grimm x Ichi); "A Certain Kind of Rival" - Erotica/Fondness (Grimm x Ichi); "Lives Under War" - Violence/War/Trust/Suspence (Grimm x Ichi, Grimm x Tier)

    Fullmetal Alchemist: (unlisted for now)

    Original Characters/Stories: "Run to You" - Love/Friendship/Emotional/NoSex (Lüsöh Niebal x Case[y] Collins)

    I adore writing fictions for:

    Grimm/Ichi (Bleach); Kidd/Law (One Piece); Scar/Roy (Fullmetal Alchemist); Grimm/Ulqui (Bleach); Male/Male; Male/Unusual Gender

    Other good pairings (in my opinion):

    Greed/(someone I haven't hashed out yet) (Fullmetal Alchemist); Scar/Roy (Fullmetal Alchemist); Grimm/Aiz (Bleach); Grimm/Tier (Bleach); Ichi/Renji (Bleach); Aluc/Yan (Hellsing); Vash/Wolf (Trigun); Vash/LeGato (Trigun); Senji/Ganta (Deadman Wonderland); Vege/Goku (Dragonball); Female/Male

    I make NO profits from my stories published on A-FF; I just enjoy writing. What you will read are always my own words unless credited otherwise.


    STORY WARNING LIST/PERSONAL TAG LIST: (this list, combined with the current and offical A-FF tag list, is compatiable with any story I have written - because sometimes the 'other' tag just doesn't cut it!)

    Alcohol - the mention of any alcohol

    AmpFet - Apotemnophilia/Acrotomophilia (fascination with amputations)

    Bareback - Barebacking (male on male anal sex without protection)

    Blood - the presence of any blood (not played with)

    Brutalization - Brutilization

    BugFet - Formicophilia (insects crawling on self)

    Catheter Play - Catheterophilia, use/insertion of a catheter for sexual gratification

    Crime - crime related events

    CrimeFet - Hybristophilia, sexual arousal/attraction to criminals (extreme/outrageous crimes)

    Death - characters are killed by medical incidents, violence, etc.

    DeathFet - sexual arousal from risk of being killed or killing

    Despair - a character feeling despair or sadness

    Drugs - the mention of any drug substances (medical and recreational)

    EnemaFet - Kilsmaphilia, sexual arousal from insertion of liquids into the rectum

    FearFet - sexual arousal from creating or obtaining terror or fear

    Fright - a character will experience fear or terror

    Killing - characters are deliberately eliminated by violence or brutality from another character(s)

    Lactation - Lactophilia (male or female laction)

    Latex - the wearing of or sexually utilizing latex/plastic products

    Macro - Macrophilia (fascination with giant proportions)

    MedicalFet - sexual arousal from medical or doctoral themes

    Micro - Microphilia (fascination with dwarf-like or miniscule proportions)

    Misconduct - dishonorable, shameful, or unlawful behavior between characters: much like 'mistreatment'

    Mutilation - Mutilation

    Mutual Masturbation - Mutual Masturbation

    Pain - any mention of pain

    Splosh - smearing of dirty things upon the self or others

    Rape - nonconsensual sexual contact between characters

    Rush Thrill - a character who is sexually aroused by a racy or extremely risky situation

    Vore - Voraphilia (concept of being swallowed whole)(can be imaginary)

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