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    Well, Hello and Thank you for visiting my author's page. For...w/e reason (ur not stalking me are you?)

    Anyway, I'm currently working on a Dom!Harry Creature!Fic called 'Dark Knight' previously known as: 'The Coming of the shadows'. I'm also planning to change the summary a few chapters from now. 

    I live in Australia and I usually update AFF.net on Saturday nights.

    Don't worry! I've already written a few chapters ahead!

    I AM thinking of not just writing about their love live but also what happens to them during their eighth year (maybe even beyond?).

    Well, sayonara peoples.


    ....AND REVIEW (it will enrich the story, hopefully)


    And this is a site that i think all Harry Potter fanfictionists should deeply consider before making an original. Although what is said in the editorial may sound like a drag, it gives your character just so much more depth, So copy and paste this into your url bar {or just click it)




    I also recommend this site for those who give their OMC's such ridculous names that they stick out like a sore thumb and don't mix well with the rest of the Harry Potter canon world:




    And heres a more realistic take on the male character and how to portray one in your writing. whoever goes onto this page, PLEASE READ IT. it does wonders to your brain.






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