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    A good day to one and all. Welcome to my secret den of debauchery.

    I am Philippa MaQuente- purveyor of pultchritudinous pornography, amorous author, erotic enthusiast. Welcome to the realm of the madness that keeps me sane. I may appear and disappear randomly as the muse strikes, but my mission is always to deliver only the finest morsels of feminist literary erotica to your appetites, no matter the flavors you crave.

    My time and creative energy have been largely focused on my original works as of late (and you can find me on Facebook and DeviantArt), but I always have room for the passion projects, and the world of Hellsing will always be my favorite playground.

    I'd like to thank everyone who ever read and reviewed one of my stories (Especially you repeat offenders!). I write them for fun, but getting such great feedback really helps me continue. It means a lot to a storyteller when you indulge in their tales. I really love having a place to squirrel away little writing secrets I so enjoy.

    My stories tend to venture dark and strange places, so to those of you willing to come along, I promise a hell of a ride.

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