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    Blame my background in theatre, but I can't write novels. So don't expect any epic tales from me. My writing is heavily dialogue based, and I tend to focus on individual scenes and snippits of characters' lives rather than pushing plot along. That being said, if you want a variety of ficlets that thrive on innuendo and feature characters from Gundam Wing, you've come to the right place. ^_^

    None of my stuff is beta'd, so if you have constructive criticism, I highly appreciate it. I'm still getting used to the editing/uploading process, so expect random tweaking of stories as I gain experience.

    I have lots of ideas for stories, but I am slow to dump ideas from my head into the keyboard, and I fear once I start things will be all over the place, because as previously stated, I think in scenes, not necessarily continuity. But I hope people will enjoy sharing in my demented thoughts nonetheless.

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