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    You can find me on facebook at:

    I am 28 years old and live in England, I recently graduated from being a student of Electrical Engineering, but my true love is Harry Potter, I have been a fan for getting on for 15 years now, I am, however, comparitively new to fanfiction, having only been writing it for around three years now.

    I have been writing my own stories for many years, with my own characters and worlds, but tend to get stuck early on; though I do have a new novel that is in the works at the moment.

    I particularly like the fictions which do not undo the work of the original author (that is not to say i don't find them interesting sometimes), though i have a strong tendency towards Harry/Draco and more recently Albus/Scorpius slash fiction, the more cleverly the story can be worked into the Original Universe stories the better.

    I also prefer longer stories, with almost all of the fan fictions i have really enjoyed being over 50000 words, but there are several short ones which were truly brilliant. Please see the favourites section below for a few of the ones I have enjoyed reading. I will give feedback on most things i read, which will include my opinion on what i have read and usually some suggestions.

    A lot of my stories revolve around pregnancies, especially unplanned ones. I think this is that the emotions surrounding such situations are intense, often out of the control of the characters and just situations that I find interesting; though as my writing has developed, the situations I tend to write about are varying more and more.

    In addition to the stories below, I am a co-author with Strawberrygirl87 on Fragmented Soul; a Fenrir/Harry epic (or it will be by the time we are done with it)which has its own website:

    and can also be found here:

    There is also a video for Fragmented soul, which I made and can be found here:


    And I have also written the Harry Potter/Avengers PWPDefiling Stark Tower, which given the content of the story is only available on AO3 and AFF for the moment, and it can be found here:

    Below is the status of my stories:

    A Family Of Sorts - On Hiatus (not abandoned, but in need of a re-write and a good deal of my time, this will likely not be happening anytime in the near future)

    Defiling Stark Tower - Being written, will update chapters when they are written (AO3 and AFF only - contains adult content)

    Erotes - I am currently working on editing the existing chapters, to try and find my flow with this story, at which point I hope to start updating this again regularly.

    For The Sake Of A Name - Slow progress, but still definitely being written still. I will update chapters as they are written for this story.

    Sleep Talking - Completed

    The Things They Didn't Need - Completed

    Love Forced Upon Us - Completed, with possible expansion chapters to come at a later date

    Missing You/ Missing Him / Missing Them - Completed

    Something To Tell You - Completed

    This Time Around - Completed, but I have a few ideas for related stories, though these are unlikely to be written any time soon.

    Unplanned - Completed

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