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    I'm a 36 year old woman who lives in Memphis, TN. I enjoy writing. I've had a profile on for 2 yrs. I've got some fics that might be in danger of being deleted so I'm bring them (and some others) here. I write mostly tv fics, one or two movies. I have one original  that I am planning to turn into a novel when I complete it. I also have a few others sketched out in my mind (not written yet) that I might post here for feedback purposes. If I market them the right way, I might be able to make a little money from them. Who knows, maybe YOU'LL buy one. :) 

    I read all kinds of fics although, I really like reading M/M. I don't know why. I like the more romace ones. I always tend to think my gay friends have fabulous love lives like the ones I read. My muse is a little eccentric. He/she likes to write about gay men and interracials relationships. I don't ask why; I just write. I'm a bit of a numbers junkie. I like to see lots of people reading my works. I like it even better when people leave reviews. So don't be shy! Tell me what you think. I can choose to agree or disagree with you.  Either way, some growth will happen.

    If you're reading my fic "The Benifits of Letting Go" and want to read the prequel that insipred it "What She Doesn't Know", check it out on my FF page

    I had to delete it from here because I can't get in touch with the original author to post it here.

    You can connect with me through my Twitter account or Google Talk under sissouthernink1994

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