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    Oh hey! Someone else wrote this story but since it's gone, I feel it's my duty to repost it, and claim it as my own. YOU'RE SO WRONG to think I can't do this. Even though it's totally against the TOS.
    You're tyrants I tell ya!  Utter tyrants!  How dare you tell me I can't do this?
    Of course, just because the story belongs to someone else, and that someone else has now actually PUBLISHED it, means nothing at all to me.  Why should it?  After all, this is the internet!  I can do what I want!!
    And look!  I have definitions to prove it!  I don't have to read the actual law or ask a real lawyer!  I'm smarter than they are anyway because I say so!
    Really, I'm not an attention-whore.  I'm not trying to confuse the unwitting by only changing ONE letter of the original author's name.  Really.
    And, how dare you people, who have been running this site since its inception, how dare you tell me what I can do?  The nerve ...
    And...and...and since you insist it's against the rules, I wanna speak to your supervisor!



    *ahem*  Well then.  I guess you won't mind being added to the Hall of Shame, and permanently banned!
    --The Staff
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