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    The picture you see for my avatar in reviews and that you see at the top of my profile is my rendition of Sekirei 37, Madoka.

    She is the title character of my story "No Game For Old Men". Yes, "title character" means she is no game for old men. ;)


    This author profile is basically the exact same as my profile at fanfiction.net  It's possible I missed some edits when I copied it over here; if you spot errors please message me so I can correct them, thanks!  The same applies to any stories I post.  Any corrections needed are appreciated when pointed out!

    Sekirei Anime Season One and Two Calendar

    The URL below goes to the article on my Tumblr where the Sekirei, Season One and Season Two Timeline is kept. The dates of every significant event in both seasons of the anime, starting with Season One Episode One on 4/1/2020 through the destruction of MBI's Headquarters on 5/9/2020 in Season Two Episode 12.  Yes, both seasons of the anime through the destruction of MBI's headquarters (or in the manga that would be through the end of State Two of the Sekirei Plan) is only just less than 6 weeks.

    It's as close to canon as you can get, from painstakingly examining every episode for every clue to the dates.


    Ryk Oakwine's #1 Rule About Writing Fanfiction

    You have as much right to make up shit as ANYONE else. You especially have as much right to create what you want as the canon writer had to create what THEY wanted.

    So CREATE.


    Never let anyone tell you that you can't make up something for your story. Your story is yours, own it!


    Fanfiction Pictures and Artwork

    1.  My tumblr site (address: http://oakwinefanfic.tumblr.com), where I post some of my writing because it lets me add pictures. Most of the Notebooks from "No Game For Old Men" get posted there as well. You can find quite a few pictures there from my "No Game For Old Men" story as well as pics inspired by other fanfic stories, mostly pics of hot Sekirei characters, I admit.

    What? Pretty girls with big boobs. What's not to like?

    My tumblr page is for posting pics, including Not Safe For Work pics. In other words, there IS grown up content on that page, both pictures and text. Don't click it then complain to me you saw a naked woman or read some naughty words.  Admittedly it would be odd getting complaints about that from people on THIS site, but you never know about people.

    2.  Because it was requested by a few NGFOM readers, here's a link to the GoogleMap of Shin Tokyo, setting for "No Game For Old Men", with each Book's mentioned locations highlighted and notes on the map for many points of interest: https://www.google.com/maps/d/embed?mid=zC5wKqpxE2mA.k7SZ4Mph2Kco

    Each Book is its own layer on the map.  Feel free to explore, especially the GoogleMap Street View function, and get a feel for how immense and how dense Tokyo really is.

    6/2/13 - Hard to believe that in the one and a half years since I started reading fanfiction I've read over 19 million words of really good fanfiction stories. That's how many are in the 100 stories in my ff.net Favorites list as of this date. Mind boggling. THANK YOU to all of the amazing authors who have given me so much entertainment since I started reading fanfic.

    Update 5/20/14 - Now up to 43,269,891 words of fanfic just in my Favorites. That's 73 War and Peace's. :)


    My biggest pet peeve with reviewers? Lazy-ass criticism through the use of such terms as "Gary Stu" or "Mary Sue" or "Marty Stu" and so on.

    Is Naruto a Gary Sue in Naruto-canon? Is Harry Potter a Gary Sue? (Okay, bad example, an argument can be made that Potter is a grossly Gary Sue character, but does that invalidate the novels?) How about Shirou; is he a Gary Sue in Fate/Stay Night canon?

    Look, a fanfiction author has a story they want to tell. Since it's fanfiction that means the story will have something to do with an existing setting, characters, or story. It might just be the setting the author likes, so they tell their story in a setting someone else invented. Maybe they like the canon plot but want to modify it a bit. Maybe they want to add all new characters to the canon plot, only thinly disguising their Original Characters by giving them the canon protagonist's names and appearances (extremely common in fanfic).  The point is that there's no "right way" or "wrong way" to write fanfiction; it's the authors story to tell.

    Maybe they tell it well, maybe they tell it poorly, but criticizing an author for daring to tell it at all, well, that's just being a dick.

    If someone wants to criticize a fanfiction effort they should criticize it in comparison to the canon writing at the least. If you don't like someone's OC in a Naruto story, don't just call the OC a "Mary Sue" and think you've made some profound observation, because you haven't. Compare your issues with the OC to the canon characters and tell us why the OC is overpowered, too focused on, and so forth. Because unless Naruto, Minato, Harry Potter, Tsukune, and so forth are all Gary Sue characters, criticizing a fanfiction story for having an OC that's central to the tale, that's competent and/or powerful, who makes friends and enemies of the main supporting cast, complaining about a protagonist doing protagonist things is just weak ass butthurt whining.

    Yes, it IS possible to write a fanfiction story with original characters that are the center of the story, who are competent, who accomplish great deeds, who romance favorites among the canon characters, and it is possible to have that story BE A GOOD STORY. Judge the story in comparison to the canon material, don't just dismiss someone's work because "Oh, all OC's are Mary Sues".

    For god's sake, people DO realize that the canon characters are ALL "OC's", right?

    Fanfiction Review Template

    Here is my template for full reviews. Feel free to use it or modify it for your own reviews. There are 10 categories to make it simple to average out the ratings to establish the Overall Rating.

    Be aware you will likely need to post this as two reviews due to character limits in reviews. I usually post the second half to the second-to-last chapter and the first half next, to the last chapter, that way someone reading the reviews will see your first half first and the second half second. That's for fanfiction.net reviews; I'm unsure of the character limits on reviews for adult-fanfiction.org so you'll want to test before you commit to how you're posting your review if you use this template!

    Template Begin

    Review of (story title) by (author name) at (Link to story)

    Overall Rating (average of the 10 categories below):






    Premise Originality:



    Originality of Plot:



    Execution of Plot:



    Character Authenticity (IC? OOC?):



    Quality of character portrayal:



    Addressing Canon Stupidities:



    Closure vs Antagonists/Satisfying Resolution:



    Color, dialogue, feeling:



    Correctly Rated:




    Template End

    Currently Working On...

    "No Game for Old Men" - (SekireiRated MRomance-Hurt-ComfortEnglish) - Not all Ashikabi are young men with blank slate, simple lives. The "Sekirei Plan" does great damage to the lives of Sekirei and Ashikabi alike. This is the story of 37 Madoka, 44 Yosuga, and their Ashikabi.

    A somewhat AU (though an argument could easily be made that it's really a single point of departure story where that single point of departure had huge consequences) story with fanon timeline from “The Game Changer” by Fenschway.

    "No Game For Old Men" is a very different style of story from "The Game Changer" and reader opinions about one should not be assumed to apply to the other. I fully expect some fans of TGC will not like NGFOM, and vice versa. NGFOM is not about TGC's characters such as Riko and CJ Archer; it has its own characters and style.

    5/17/13 - Started drafting the outline.

    8/22/13 - A very nice birthday present for me, Fenschway published an excerpt from NGFOM Ch. 40 in the latest The Game Changer update! The first part of NGFOM to actually go up for anyone to read!

    1/26/15 - 10 chapters complete, approximately 100,000 words. Another 10 chapters and I'll be comfortable posting each arc not the first 20 chapters here on fanfiction.net. So far the beta reader feedback has been 100% positive, with eight beta readers from the Sekirei list previewing the Intro Arc, chapters 1-4. Very encouraging!

    5/7/15 - Finally published Book One, the Intro Arc (story chapters 1-4)! Yay!

    5/18/15 - Nicest damn thing anyone has ever said about anything I've ever written. Dude, thanks!

    Fenschway's review on Book 1 Ch1 of "No Game For Old Men": The premise that not all potential Ashikabi are, or want to be a participant and/or collateral damage in the Sekirei Plan is a most intriguing one for a Sekirei fanfic story. Then, in a logical means, an author writes a piece trying to explore the many unanswered questions behind the Sekirei existence on Earth, their ancient and recent history as an interstellar specie, the personal histories, rivalry, hatreds and interplay between individual aliens, and not to mention the Whys and Wherefores that made the Sekirei come to Earth in the first place and the effects that has had on human history and development. Few have tackled any of these concepts let alone the in depth and intimate day to day effects of a Sekirei bonding, nor the back stories inherent in them. Ryk's fascinating take on all this makes No Game For Old Men one the MUST reads of Sekirei fanfic. It's just not the same old teen angst/young macho fighter pap seen so often in other stories, but a very thought provoking and entertaining read which is worth the time taken to enjoy NGFOM, especially Gregory's Notes. Keep writing and posting big guy!

    6/10/15 - Book 4 (NGFOM Chapters 10-12 or 13) in progress. Chapters 10 and 11 are complete and proofread, Chapter 12 is 2500 words along. Attempting to cut down on word count and increase chapter count, hoping for more 7,500 word chapters and fewer 17,000 word chapters. If I can keep making progress I'd expect Book 4 to be complete before the end of June and posted soon after.

    7/9/15 - Book 4 (NGFOM Chapters 10-12) has been posted. Book 5 (chapters 13- through probably 15) is outlined but no writing complete yet.

    9/21/15 - Still stalled on writing Book 5 of No Game For Old Men. 1/4th of chapter 13 is written but my mute is just not cooperating.  Cross-posted to adult-fanfiction.org 

    Thanks and Credit

    Big thanks and props to Fenschway, author of several Sekirei stories, including "The Game Changer", which I consider to be the most significant Sekirei story around. In the face of fan rage (including a few of my own scorching reviews!) and canon purists, Fenschway had the balls to tell a story that is truly unique and not just another "What if Minato was a Half Drow/Half Demon Professor of Alchemy at Hogwarts while on vacation from his missions with the Avengers!??". His story may not be to everyone's taste, but it doeshave a great deal of inventiveness and imagination, delving far deeper into the Sekirei setting and premise than the mangaka does in canon, that's for sure.

    Fenschway has helped me greatly in collaboration in my story "No Game For Old Men", and that story wouldn't be half as good if I hadn't had his input. His Sekirei/Wolverine-Logan stories get a lot more attention and reviews and favorites, but "The Game Changer" shows great imagination and setting-building!

    Even though our writing style is very different, our collaboration over the last two years has been a great help to me and I cannot thank him enough. Working with Fenschway on "No Game For Old Men" and discussing his stories a great deal reminded me anew that though a story might piss you off, it's real people on the other end of the keyboard, doing their best to tell a story.

    A good lesson to remember. Criticize, yes. Even criticize harshly, unmercifully. But avoid getting personal; stick to criticizing the work, not the author!

    Several people from the Sekirei beta reader list have taken the time and shown the courage to read the opening arc of "No Game For Old Men". Some enjoyed it enough to insist on reading all of the chapters I've written so far! So I'd like to thank Godric Kharg, FintonStack, Yuna the Ninja, ReaperxStalker, Littlest1, and angelofpeaceandwar for their feedback and encouragement.

    About Me

    I am a fan of Sekirei, Rosario, High School of the Dead, Elfen Lied, Canaan, Clannad, Steins;Gate, some others. Enjoying the fanfic more than the anime in many cases. In most cases, actually.

    I only recently came into enjoying Anime and Manga, I was scrolling through Netflix streaming catalog and on a whim decided to watch "Spice and Wolf".

    Now, I'd seen a few anime that people had highly recommended, before. "Ghost in the Shell", and some of Evangelion. Frankly, they left me cold. I liked the artwork, sure. What's not to like about pretty girls in revealing outfits? But the stories didn't do anything for me. They seemed unnecessarily convoluted, vague, and yet flat at the same time.

    But when I was laying there in bed, snacking on Ritz crackers and peanut butter, just relaxing on a weekend evening, watching the first few episodes of "Spice and Wolf" I just really fell in love with the story and the characters. For the first time I "got it" with anime. Watched the first season through entirely, then went and found the subtitled second season and watched it off some crappy streaming website.

    Then I found the manga and read through all of it off some other websites. And still wanted more!

    There's been several anime that I've watched since then that got me that semi-obsessed. Most of these I've read the manga for after watching the anime.

    1. Clannad (and After Story and the Another World spins and the movie)

    2. High School of the Dead

    3. Elfen Lied

    4. Sekirei

    5. Spice and Wolf

    6. Canaan

    7. Witchblade

    8. Kanon

    9. Claymore

    10. Dance in the Vampire Bund

    11. Chobits

    12. Freezing

    13. This Ugly Yet Beautiful World

    14. Vampire/Rosario

    15. Mnemosyne

    16. Fate/Stay Night and Fate/Zero

    17. Heaven's Lost Property - hilarious, light-hearted

    18. Steins:Gate

    Stuff I *didn't* like and dropped after a few episodes.

    1. Blood

    2. xxxHOLic

    3. Kaze no Stigma

    4. Ghost in the Shell

    5. Evangelion (any and all of them)

    6. Fullmetal Alchemist

    Stuff I liked so much that I'm always looking for more fanfic of:

    1. Sekirei

    2. Freezing

    3. Rosario/Vampire

    4. Fate/Stay Night and Fate/Zero

    5. Naruto (an example of one that I really dislike the source material, both the manga and the anime but there's so much awesome fanfic written on it that it's on my list to check for new stuff all the time)

    My favorite anime? Currently I'd say the original Fate/Stay Night series as well as the light novel. The light novel especially is a serious story with excellent artwork and a well detailed world that wasn't afraid to actually have some sex scenes in it. Too damn rare, imho.

    My favorite fanfiction category? I'd say Sekirei. There just aren't enough Sekirei stories, imho, and too many that are here are incomplete and/or poorly written. Eternally grateful to the excellent works in that category by Lord of the Land of Fire, Fenschway, and Gabriel Blessing.

    Big fan of Nelson Chereta's (that's Lord of the Land of Fire, FYI) "The (sort of) Dark Mage" novel!  One of the big Naruto, Elfen Lied, Rosario+Vampire, fanfic writers has his first actual novel out! It is on Amazon, check it out!

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